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3rd time mom, but seriously what's up?!

Pregnant with third baby here and you would think I know my body by now but I guess not. So I'm 39 weeks and the baby shows no sign of moving out. Today I was 50% effaced and only 1cm dilated and the baby was still very high up. Aren't babies supposed to come earlier with the more you have? Also this baby is measuring in the 98% so he's freaking huge right now. I am a prior c sec so I figured that would make the baby come sooner too. Dr says if he isn't here at 41 weeks then he will induce me. Has anybody else been in this boat too? Did your baby arrive on time or late? I don't want to be induced and I want a natural delivery but if the baby gets much bigger I'm afraid I'll end up with another c sec.
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Hello, for what its worth I'm a 3rd time mom to. No c sections though. The mid wifery keeps telling me every baby is different. 3 boys and the last is the only one to give me hyper emisis. Hang in their mom. It is said that every day inside is worth 3 outside to baby for the first 6 weeks. You'll make it.
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Third time mom here also and this baby had thrown me for a loop as well. I thought for sure by now I had this down pat but this had been the weirdest pregnancy yet.
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My mums births all got later... I was a week overdue, sister was 9 days, last sister was 14 days and mum got induced... Then she had a boy for her fourth and he came a week early! There's certainly no rules your baby will follow!

But yeah it does suck about getting induced (on a side note, did you know this is not recommended by research for previous csec mums? It's safer to go straight to csec if natural labour doesn't come soon enough and they think baby is really big, as induction can be way more intense and leads to a higher chance of uterine rupture... Never actually heard of a doctor in recent years recommending induction for csec mums - maybe you could just ask them why they're not going with national guidelines for your case if you haven't already?)
But anyway, acupuncture by a good therapist who actually knows what they're doing can help to speed things up for some people if you want to pursue natural labour... (besides all the usuals of walking, sex, scrubbing floors (for optimu positioning of baby - you can also just watch TV or read on all fours instead!) , castor oil (I'm not game but some people are), pineapple, and whatever other old wives tales are out there!)
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The reason he would induce is because I'm trying really hard for a vbac. My Dr absolutely discussed the risks of a vbac with such a large baby in there but I make big babies anyway so he wasn't concerned I couldn't at least try to handle it. My first two were both 8 and 1/2 pounds and this one looks like he's around 9 or more. My dr has me all registered with anesthesiology should a csec situation come up. I don't want the baby to come early. I'm not one of those people but I would like to know if he's coming at all especially because of he does keep getting bigger they will have to do a c sec :(
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Yeah, fair enough. I'd do anything to avoid csec too. From what I can see in the research, a natural vbac with a large baby (particularly if its normal for you, not gd or something) looks safer than a vbac induction in general... And obviously combined is even riskier... If it were me I'd just skip the induction and try for a natural with a big baby, tell my doc I'm going to wait an extra few days... (I'd maybe give induction a go if baby was engaged very low, but if he was high up I feel like the risk of rupture is higher as there's more room for him to head/be forced into the wrong direction). Anyway all that is only my opinion and how I'd go about it. Totally up to you what you feel is best for your baby and yourself, I understand that what is best for majority is not always the right choice for every individual!!
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My second baby was a vbac and she came 10 days late. I walked, had sex every day.. but she just took her time. I also thought mabey my due was a little off. And the ultrasound estimated her weight at 8 lbs and she was only 6.
But im sure she'll be out soon.
Good luck:)
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My second came later than my first,, 4days past due date! Hoping this one shows up a Lil earlier.. Currently 35+4
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