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Appropriate medicine or not

hi i am a female trying to conceive from last 1 year but unfortunately its not happening. i have gone through medical tests and they are clear my husband semen analysis test was also conducted and it is also normal. My doctor suggested me to take Gonadil F but the description of the medicine says that it is for males infertility so i am pretty much confused about it can anyone tell me is it appropriate for enhancing women fertility or not? please reply me.
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I'm not sure and I have I don't know anything about infertility , but of you and your husband tested fine, then why would he need that? You can try vitex drink green tea. Are you using ovulation test and charting? Best of luck
to you and your husband.
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I work phar
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I was trying TTC for 3 years with my husband, finally nov of last year I went to the docs and they said I had PCOS.. Basically I'm not ovulating eggs, I'm producing more testosterone hormones, and insulin resistant. So my chances of having a baby was slim unless I control all my symptoms and regulate my period. (my whole life my period was not regular) basically this is what I did to change my lifestyle.. (I started in jan) I started juicing raw veggies and fruits with hemp seed powder and flax seeds. I worked out once a day.. I lost 9lbs in 2 weeks! Got a period in feb (haven't had one for 3months). Took clomid for the 1st time... And finally for the first time I got pregnant! I really think the clomid would not have worked if I didn't start juicing and giving my body the right nutrients. I might not even have needed clomid.. Hemp seed helps with hormones.. There's so many veggies, fruits, seeds and nuts that can help ur body regulate hormones. And sometimes food that we think is healthy is not good for us. For example milk or soy milk reduces more testosterone hormones so stay away! Well that's my experience. If u have any questions let know!
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Oops correction.. Milk increases testosterone hormones. And if it's high ur eggs doesn't mature.
Clomid is a fertility drug that helPS u produce a lot of eggs.
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@New Mommy 2 Be 2007
well as we are trying to have a kid from last one year but its not happening so due to anxiety and tension we consulted the doctor my ultrasound report says poly cystic ovaries but i always had regular menstruation through out my life never had a problem related to them so the doc said if periods are coming properly than poly cystic ovaries are not a problem and doc gave me these medicines
1. Lezra     2. Gonadil F
my hormonal tests are all clear. I tried to track my ovulation days but there was no signification change in BBT so i do not know when do i ovulate exactly but as suggested by the doc we do intercourse regularly from 12-18 days of my menses.
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okay thanks for your reply but i never had any period problem throughout my life so that means i am ovulating regularly. My mother also took Clomid when she was trying to conceive but my doc never suggested me with this drug.
Can u please tell me that are there any specific positions that helps in conceiving? Secondly the majority of sperms comes out rite after intercourse so if a bulk a comes out instantly than there would be less chances of getting pregnant am i rite or wrong?
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My fiancé and Iwere trying for roughly 8 months I too have pcos and slightly overweight. My gyn suggested I take metformin. It is used in women with pcos to help drop insulin levels this allow for proper ovulation, i was ovulating for months everyday according to those ovulation kits, once the medication entered my system the kits would state that i was no longer ovulating. I started metformin january 2013, 2 days ago i took a pregnacy test or 4 all of which were positive. i was confirmed yesterday. Im now 6-8 weeks along, ill be having an ultrasound next week wednesday. By doing so ill have a better estimate. BTW my LMP was October 5, 2012.
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