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Baby Gender (Rant)

Why is everyone sooo obsessed with finding out baby's gender?  Seriously, I read posts on here about people that are DEPRESSED bc they are having a boy or a girl.  I just think it is ridiculous that people can't be grateful for the fact that they are having a baby! It took my husband and I two years to get pregnant and I couldn't be more excited to just BE pregnant.  I didn't even want to know the gender  because of all the people around us (family members mostly) making a big stink about it saying "it better be a boy" or "i had a nightmare, you had a girl!" I feel like it is a terribly selfish thing to worry about.  

As far as clothing and accessories, I think it's crazy that people want or say they need so many material things for their babies... Pink frilly this for her or blue whales or whatever for him...

Anyway.  I just wish people could be more appreciative of the gift they are given in utero.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to know gender in some cases, it just seems like SOME people put too much importance in it.  It's ridiculous.
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It's fun to know the sex of the baby for some people it makes picturing their baby that more real..Just because some people want to know the gender doesn't mean that they don't consider their baby a gift. I want to know my gender and I'm very excited to know doesn't mean ill care for my child any less if its a certain sex. I do think its ridiculous though when people get depressed bc its not what they wanted.. You should be thankful you were able to have a child.. A lot of women can't!
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I wanted to know the gender,  so I didn't have to call my baby "it". Being able to call her by her name throughout my pregnancy was important for me. I also felt if I knew the gender, I could be more prepared.  I do agree though,  that some women take it too far. Being depressed for weeks because the baby isnt "what you wanted" is ridiculous to me. Every pregnancy is a blessing and to cry over the gender in a negative way just seems so selfish and stupid. I get the initial shock of finding out the gender, but to keep wishing it was the opposite, is just wrong.  
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I am excited to find out! But i will be happy either way. Its not the people who want to find out But the ones who are mad about what their baby is. Thats just plain stupid, you got pregnant knowing there was a 50/50 chance for either. Everyone should just feel blessed to be able to carry a baby!:)
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Honestly my husband and i want to find out for fun we would be happy either way :)
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I just want to be prepared for my baby. I didn't care too much which gender, just needed to know how  to decorate.
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I think it's fine if your finding out just because you want to know if it's a boy or a girl. I love that my babies not an 'it' anymore. I hate having family say oh you better have a boy/girl if me and hubby don't care as long as babies healthy why should anyone else. I hate feeling bad for the poor babies that just happen to be the wrong gender :( :(
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