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Baked a cake..

So wierd, I just baked a cake for my little nephews when they come from school. It came out so good. Im almost done with it. Oh jeezz, Has anybody done this. lol
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Why is that weird?
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Want to come bake here? Lol my husband said since I got pregnant I hardly bake anymore or cook.
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Lol I have my days when I want to cook or bake but my husband loves to cook and bake and is a retired chef so I let him do most of the cooking
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Omgsh I dont even want to get started on this subject! But since you brought it up...lol
I used to bake cakes out of my home and make personalized cakes for any occassion I started getting booked up every weekend with mutiple cakes with no help so I decided to give it up when I found out I was pregnant. Well a friend texted me yestersay and needed a simple almond cake with lemon filling and wedding cake icing so I told her I could do it. First off I started at 9 at night I baked the 2 layers and cooked the filling and one of the layers decided to shrink up. So I went to sleep around 3 woke up at 6:30 to bake another layer and got that done. I ended up using the wrong vanilla in my icing and ruined that. Then realized I forgot to put the sugar in my lemon filling so it was a complete disaster.
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Haha you mean you ate the whole thing? I did that yesterday! But I didn't make it. I bought an angel food cake at the store, not realizing it was sugar free because it tasted the same. I ate the whole thing in 12 hours. I didn't feel that guilty because its fat free and has alot of protein and was only 500 calories for the whole cake. BUT I got the worst gas of my LIFE! I'm talking about farts that's lasted a whole 30 seconds long and kept on coming. And stomach pains from it being so tight. It was awful. So hours later I took the package out of the garbage to read what the hell was in it. It was sugar free and had an ingredient called maltitol in it and next to that was an asterisk that said *may have a laxative effect. Haha! I didn't actually go number 2, cuz that's how constipated I am, but I can't even explain just how bad the gas was. And the smell was beyond horrible. Sorry for all the TMI lol do not eat sugar free angel food cake whatever you do. You will be sorry!!
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Laughing so hard I peed myself.
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Now that im pregnant, my husband cant take me out of the kitchen ! hahaha. i spend my whole day in there. And now im about to make a red velvet cake. Later on maybe a double chocolate cake. Omgsh! Cravings -_-
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Mmmm. I've been hating cooking and baking but today I made banana bread and meatloaf.
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I totally read that as banana meatloaf! :P
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Been to tired to bake, but more than happy to eat anything and everything. I had a massive dinner last night, 3 pieces of cake and about 3 hrs later felt like I hadnt eaten all day. All I see is the word cake or food and im instantly hungry lol anyone else??!
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Omg.. I totally want a cake now! Haha
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You can come cook here anytime.

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