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Best belly support for running?

I'm looking into buying one on amazon today. Need some help from experienced pregnant runners! I usually train for half marathons+ but I decided that I'll take it down a notch preggers and run/walk the half coming up in November. Noticed on my last run that I need a little somethinsomethin to support me. Are they comfortable or do they fit really tight? Nervous they'll be too much like my current running leggings... Too tight on my lower abdomen.

Also, fav tights to run in? Mine are all way too tight right now! Always feels like the pressure of needing to pee is upon me. Aye!

Thx in advance <3
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I stopped running when I got pregnant and started walking instead.

My doctor told be it could be harmful for my, I think it was pelvic floor? (Sorry, english is my second language) to be running..
So check with your doctor that it is safe for you to continue running.
My doctor said biking is perfectly safe option for me.. but I am sticking to my walk so far..

I can't wait to start running again after my pregnancy.
I miss it so much. :)
I hope you can continue to run and find a good bellyband support :)

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Thx! Yeah I've asked my doctor several times and he is all about me keeping up with running. Another one of his patients is running the entire half. I feel pretty good about run/walking it :0) I'm currently 18w. If I start to feel uncomfortable, at any point, I'll just walk the rest. I'll be 21w on "race day."

I have several friends who ran and did step aerobics through their entire pregnancy. One of them has 5 kids, all very healthy pregnancies... And she's one healthy momma :0)

I'm a FTM so I don't know... But my doc and fit friends say keep it up!
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In that case, keep it up! :)
If you can maintain strength and good fitness during your pregnancy -that is awesome!

I am a bit jealous I can't run :)
But I will be soon enough (due Nov 15th)
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Hi there! I almost 38w have continued to run up until last week.  I am not a diskepte runner but run 2-4 miles 1-2 times/ week ( that's what I was doing preprego).  Also have coTinued other aggressive exercise- Distance hiking, insanity videos, etc.  At about 20 weeks running started to give me the " I have to pee" sensation.  I actually used a post prego abdominal binder ( I'm very petite, 100 lbs preprego,  so it was never super tight on me) but offered enough support to take the pee sensation away. I wore it low, almost to lift my belly.  Doc said if it's helping, continue using it!  I will warn u about one thing.... when u get much later in ur pregnancy and start to get clumsy ( doc says this is bc your center of gravity changes and ur ligaments relax) it's easy to fall while running.  I fell last week and ended up in the Hospital all day for prolonged monitoring with a contracting, Irritable uterus.  I think running during pregnancy is fab and it has certainly kept me feeling great.  Just keep an eye out at the very end for signs of when to call it quits. Maybe 36 ish weeks.  My running attire has changed various times with growth but my fav has been a pair of Reebok running shorts with a thick band.  Not maternity.  I live in northern California and it has been wicked hot this summer so tights haven't been an option.  I did cut the "undies" out of the running shorts as they were uncomfortable. I actually felt better running pregnant than not prego. Strange but might have to do with the increased blood supply.  Good luck mama, hope this helps u a bit!
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Thank you so much for the tips smc!  You're awesome! I hope to just run 1-3x/ week up until about 35 weeks.So I think that should be fine. I'm fairly petite as well... 5'3" 115 pre-preg. :0) That "need to pee" sensation is horrible! I've also felt a lot of pressure. Possibly from my tights being too tight on my tum ;0)

Thx again! XO
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