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Births? Natural? Epaderal? Advice ftm to be!

Looking for advice! I want a natural birth and no epaderal. No pain meds till i ask fir them.
What was your experience?
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If you tell the nurses you don't want an epidural they will motivate you and reassure you through everything, even when you ask for meds mine would said come one, let's do a little longer and see how your feeling. When I finally said I really wanted it it was too late and time to push. Without their support I think I would have gotten one and I'm so happy I didnt
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Hey i tried some gas but the midwife said i was doin great without it so  i went without any other drugs u can always try without and if u really need it then ask for it but yer the midwives are super supportive
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I didn't have an epidural with my first and that's how I plan to have this one. All I had is what is called nebayne which is suppose to take the edge off the contractions. For me it actually allowed me to get some sleep before my son came. And when it was time I knew, my body started pushing for me. I had told myself the whole pregnancy I was NOT getting an epidural. And have someone there to support your decisions. I also had to tell myself that it was going to hurt like hell. And going in for me it wasn't as bad as I always thought it would be!! Express what you want and be honest with yourself!! ❤❤ Congrats momma!!!
Is it out of yiur system by the time baby arriveds. I want to breasfeed but dont want anything in my system for it.
Side note. I dont like taking meds. At all.
It is a little bit however I breast fed him just fine and he was a very happy baby. I went back to work way earlier than I wanted to, so I couldn't keep up with him. That's the only thing I will change this pregnancy,I'll take my full 6 weeks then come back.
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I got an epidural with my first and it didn't work anyway and just slowed down my labor.:/ I don't plan on getting one this time but I also won't feel bad if I do end up trying it again. I don't like taking medicine either, like not even a Tylenol.  
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Theres ppl saying if you get the epaderal....after u get older you will have back problems...im 39 wks....this is my 4th pregnancy i never got medicine...n never will...
What was your way(s) of coping with the pain?
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Just the support of my family...
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I got epidural i was in way to much pain not too and was in back labor for 2days i couldn't handle anymore
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Just remember, you get no medals for giving birth without pain relief. You'll know when the time comes what's best for you.
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The first baby not.knowing what to expect I had him natural was painful for about 5 contracts and then body just does it... I have fast labours and births so start to finish was 2 hours. The second one we had complications of him growing proper so they induced me and took him out that was PAiN full... I did in the end get a epidural but he came as I laid down so it didn't even work... I also had a bad nurse who wouldn't let me walk or move the bed head up the whole time being induced it all lasted about 4 -5 hours.. they had increased the mess and popped my water as the doctor was almost done shift sooooo I feel this is why the pain... this time around I will hope to refuse and go natural but again baby's not growing at all so being monitored...
You can do this keep telling your self you can try to mediate or find that calm spot and focus on saying I can and will do this. I did that with my first and second I was to stressed about what the doctors were telling me was wrong none of it was true he was perfect and I think my mind just wasn't into it
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I got an epidural with my first. I have a low pain tolerance and that's why I chose to get one. I will probably end up doing it with this baby also. I had some back problems after I had my first. But I just strengthen my back with some exercise and now it's fine again.
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I had a epidural with my first & it was my best friend & it was kind of a great way to go best I ripped giving birth(9lbs 1oz baby) with my second I progressed so quickly & the nurses had trouble putting in an IV by the time they got it in I was at a 8 & my water bag was ready to break. So I went natural & it was the best experience ever. I plan to do the same with this 3rd pregnancy because I loved how I was able to get up & do for myself without having to wait on nurses & still being numb. Your support system is important in this process
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I went all natural! And I would recommend it to anyone! You can make it through contractions! That's what hurt the most at least for me. Delivery was a breeze. As soon as I had my daughter I was able to stand up and go to the bathroom myself and didn't need any help to do anything! Will definitely be goog all natural again with this baby! (: hope that helps! I did take the sleepy medication, which helps you sleep between contractions!
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Natural is best. I did it with twins. It is so beautiful. We are built for this. Contractions hurt more than the delivery itself. But everything was worth it. It's amazing. Your bond I feel is better with your child when you do it naturally. All you have to remember is that your finally able to see your baby and it will be over soon. Pain isn't fun but when you think like that you'll be OK. It's soooo amazing. And yes you can walk around like you didn't just have a baby. Natural because it's in our nature. Congrats momma.
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I had every single one of mine natural and now I'm pregnant with my 5th baby and in all honesty I get scared every time I get pregnant I don't know why but I hate the lain I really thought about getting the epidural but in all honesty doing it all natural is amazing because you know you can do this we are made for this.. I still get scared and get anxious about the thought of giving birth but it's all worth it in the end.  
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It's a decision only you can make. My labour ended up being very difficult after a wonderful pregnancy. So after 17 hours I opted for the epidural. It was the best decision I ever made. I laboured for another 11 hours before it was time to push and it allowed me to rest my body and mentally prepared for a very intense delivery.

My advice would be don't get to set in one way to deliver. You never know what is going to happen in the delivery room. Be open to changing your plan as you feel fit during delivery.

Best of luck.
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