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Breastfeedings effect on your beats breasts and how it makes you feel?

First off I want to be clear that I am choosing to breastfeed add long as possible (up to 18 months). I Want my child to have the benefits and believe it is very important.

I am just so scared! I love my round full boobs! And I don't want to see them go. I belive post baby bodies and mommies are beautiful.  But I am having a hard time getting used to the thought of my body changing. I am scared of the stretch marks and mostly afraid of the "deflating" big areola boobs....

I Once had a friend who's boyfriend advised she not breastfeed so her boobs do not get "ruined" ( let's not use that word to describe post baby breasts because they are not ruined just changed) so she decided not to breastfeed and no offense to others doing this, I found it to be so selfish. I try not to judge though it is a choice. But this couple also constantly asked for formula and diaper money... I mean YOU MAKE FOOD FOR YOUR BABY FOR FREE!!!

I am just wondering about other ladies thoughts if you are a ftm And afraid,  or already done it and love/jate post baby body? I actually cried last night thinking I'm not going to feel/be attractive anymore.
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My friend decided not to breast feed for the same reason as she was 19 when she had her son and her boobs still ended up with the post baby sag. So first I think its a myth that breastfeeding does that. Second I agree with you its very important.Third Bras can do AMAZING things, so its adjusting to your naked body that youll have to do IF your body changes in that way.
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I expressed on my first then changed to formula as i dried out but I intend to bf this baby- health bonding and finance.
I think extended feeding would keep them big and round longer as they are full of milk? No?
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My son is 20 days old now and i'm breastfeeding him .in the first 4 days it was painful my boobs got bigger full and niples hurt .but trust me after that i find it the most beautiful thing ever i mean u can feed ur baby and give him the best food ever and u can feel him close to u and u feel proud of urself . Keep using good bras and dont worry .u will love it when u will start breastfeeding ur baby . Good luck
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I just wanted to say that i love breastfeeding my bb's but i trird with my first bb n he didn't want to latch on n he was in the NICU for 5 days so it was a little hard for me to do so n i didnt get to hold him right after he was born to give us that bond n he was lazy. My second son i only breastfed for almost 5 months but that's cuz he kept bitting me n i felt that he wasn't getting enough to eat so with this on my goal oa at least s year but i will see how it goes!
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I am a ftm and starting to get stretch marks at 15 weeks I cried but u know its the sacrifices we make to be a mother....my boyfriend comforts me he says its OK its all so we can be parents and your beautiful anyways :)....my boobs already have stretch marks starting they are getting huge I see mothers with stretch marks and changed bodies in a whole different light now its really a beautiful thing :)
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I breast fed for almost two years and my boobs were a little bit smaller when I finally stopped but that was a welcomed change. Other than size mine were basically the same.
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I nursed my son for two years (the original goal was 12 months but it was going so well there was NO reason to stop! Toddlers get huge benefits from breastmilk too - it's still the healthiest baby food there is.) Sure, my boobs aren't as perky as they once were. They're a little 'deflated' looking and my nipples are kinda flat where they used to poke out more. But I kept an extra cup size from what I was pre-baby. Areolas are about what they were pre-baby, the "bullseye" look definitely goes away after a while. A bra that fits right makes them look fabulous - I feel awesome in a low-cut top now, which I never did before. And I am so enormously proud of the battles I fought to nurse him (we had serious issues at first and my son's pediatrician told me I'd never be able to nurse him and that I should just use formula but I did NOT give up!!) that the slight disappointment with the changes in my body are more than made up for by the healthy boy I'm raising and the amazing husband who loves every inch of me even though I don't have the body I had at 21. This body was made to grow and nourish babies. How amazing is that? I grow people! AND I make food for them in my own body! Who needs any other superpower than that?
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It's pregnancy that ruins your boobs! Not breastfeeding.
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I nursed exclusively for 6 months,  and I am definitely doing it again. My boobs aren't in the shape they used to be in, but it's only my man that'll see them. My babies r worth what ever change happens to my body :)
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I'm a slice is correct. Pregnancy causes the changes in your breasts. Breastfeeding is a great way to bond with your baby :-) if you find you are struggling, there are many support groups and lactation consultants that can help. Best of luck!
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Yuppers very true our breasts growing diring pregnancy ect is what ruins them not breastfeeding. And honestly bc im so large I was saggy to start with after my first baby and breastfeeding for a few months they went back to dd which is what  I started at and werent any saggier after now im a G cup so well see hubby loves it though haha. But I hope breastfeeding goes better for me this time my goal is a year again. Only made it 3 months last time :-( but breastfeeding is a must to me :-)
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Just agreeing with some others here. My Dr has told me that breastfeeding has little to no effect on your boobs, specifically the negative effects. He said the drop in hormones and dramatic weight loss do the most. So it honestly depends on your body.
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