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C section so nervous

Hey ladies so today went to the doctors was told i will be having a c section Nov 3rd :/  i have one son already who i didnt have to have a c section with he was only 6pounds 9 ozs and now they say this one is gonna be bigger and they are scared for his shoulders :/  i am very scared and nervous of the unknown pls share some of your experiences thanks
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If I were you I would at least try a natural birth. Unless you have some kind of physical problem that would completely make delivering impossible. Most second babies are bigger than the first, but not by much. And the baby's size is just a guess.
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Get a second opinion. My #2 was a full lb.bigger and he had wide shoulders. They actually had to break his clavical bone to get him out (yep I was pissed lol) but he healed quickly and I didn't end up needing a c section
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Well i tried to talk with the other doctor and he recommended the same i dont have anything physically wrong with me only thing i did get gest diabetes with this one its so the complete opposite then my first just very nervous.
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OK unless either of you are in danger they can't make you do a c section. There are a lot of doctors out there that prefer to c sections bc they can schedule them. Tell your doctor(s) that you don't want a c section, if that's what you want. How big are they saying your second is?
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I'm 5'3" and was 125lbs before getting pregnant with my first. He was born at 9lbs and I delivered him not only vaginally but med-free. It can be done, if you have a supportive team. Sounds like your doctors are jerks but you are the patient and you have the right to refuse. If I were you, that's exactly what I'd do.
I am just horrified by all the doctors who want to schedule cesareans for basically no reason except their own convenience... which sounds like the case here. You have proven your ability to deliver vaginally. Tell them that you are in charge of your own birth experience, your own body, and that you are absolutely not interested in undergoing elective major abdominal surgery without cause.
You can do it. Stand firm. Good luck.
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It's your decision, but C Sections are not all that bad I've had 2 and I have to have another with this one...
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I had c section in my first delivery. This time also I prefer c section only. Don't worry you will recover soon. It is safer if the doctor recommend for that.
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I was scheduled a csection because they told me my baby would be 10+lbs
A week before I was scheduled for it
I went into labor and had him naturally
He was 8lbs 5oz.
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I am surprised try give a c-section bcuz of an estimated size of a baby. I would give natural birth.  Only cute if an emergency or u have a medical reason. My niece has to have a c-section bcuz she had a stroke she's very sad it's her first baby n she wanted a water birth
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I delivered by cesarean with my first after 24 hours of hard labor and 3 hours of pushing. I eventually found out I have a ton of cervical scar tissue that kept me from delivering naturally...and therefore will have to have a c-section this time around as well. But, I tell you this...The recovery is much different with a c-section (very painful, seems to take forever,  etc) and you also run the risk of your baby inhaling amniotic fluid upon extraction (which can cause pneumonia.) OR your child could have a horrible gag reflex for a week or so after birth like mine did, from still having a bunch of garbage in his throat, etc (of which no one told me about as a possibility; imagine my fears at 3 am when my infant son looks like he's choking on his own puke.) Not saying that will happen to you...but it could. I had gestational diabetes as well and my doctor said I was having an 11 lb baby BEFORE I tried pushing (I'm 5'2" and 100 lbs- 11 lbs my butt); he was 6 lbs 2 oz. Bottom line- if you've done it before, and had no complications, go for it again! Worst case scenario, they give you the C for safety after a while, but at least you tried. I envy women who were out of the hospital the next day grocery shopping. I was laid up on on the couch for 3 weeks and needed extensive help caring for my son. Can't you tell I'm excited about doing it again?! :-) Best of luck dear!
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