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COLOSTRUM question, anybody?!!

okay, I made a post about this a while ago, but ONE thing has changed..

I've been leaking colostrum for a few weeks now, off & on, no big deal, not painful or anything; however, last night (and once before) I put a paper towel in my shirt over night just to make sure of the color.. I checked it this morning and it has an orange/red looking tint to it?! I have a shirt in the dirty clothes that I wore a few nights age that also has this SLIGHTLY bloody stain to it? at first I thought it was just the dye in the shirt, but after looking at the paper towel from last night.. it's definitely from the colostrum.

not just clear, yellow, but orange/red?! I looked it up, and all I can find is women talking about CANCER.. women saying that any color other than clear or yellow is not normal! if any of you know my story.. I lost my younger brother to cancer when I was 7 years old, he was 16 days away from his 4th birthday.. so understandably, CANCER is my biggest fear in life..

has any had a reddish color tint to their colostrum??? I'm 20w2d & I won't be able to talk to my OB's nurse until in the morning.. I just need reassurance until then. trying not to stress my baby boy out!! "/ they've leaked for a few weeks, but this is only the 2nd or 3rd time I've noticed this color & they don't leak 24/7.

keep us in your prayers, love you ladies!! ((((: ❤
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I don't know anything about it, but I can at least pray for you! Hope you get some answers tomorrow!
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thank you so much! I'm sure it's nothing.. but when your body does something out of the ordinary, you kinda freak out a little!!! lol
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Ive never heard of it either @octobermommy but I have my fingers crossed for you xx
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thank you.. I finally found a couple of websites that mention it could be from the blood vessels growing so rapidly? they say it's not a big deal at all, but I still need to call my OB just to make her aware of it.

I'm sure it's okay, just ***** not having anyone to identify with personally.. my mama or my fiancé's mama never leaked colostrum this color either. go figure, I had to be different!!
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Hope your okay :-(
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s u c k s*
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@bryceT317_3: thank you! now I am freaking out.. NO ONE has had this happen?! geez.. lol wonderful..
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I have no experience with this but blood vessels definitely sound like what it could be. I'm sending positive thoughts your way and hope to hear what your ob has to say in the morning. <3
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@coachsymons: thank you soooo much!! I'm hoping that's all it is.. it's leaking absolutely nothing now, ugh.. so frustrating.. I'll definitely let you know what she says tomorrow!! ((:
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Is it the orange red color when it's leaking or only when it is dry? Maybe when dry it dries a darker color? I'm leaking too and it's kind of a dark yellow color. But I have never seen what color it is when dry. So I was thinking maybe when dried it's an orange color.
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It sounds like rusty pipe syndrome.  It is perfectly normal,  it can also happen when your milk comes in. It is safe for baby to consume.
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@Barker13: I dabbed it last night with a paper towel, and because of the lighting it was sort of hard to tell whether it was that color before it dried or not.. that's a great question though!!!! next time it leaks I'll take notice of that for sure!!

@mrs_farris: I've NEVER heard of rusty pipe syndrome! wow, that just took SOOOO much weight off of my shoulders!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, I'll definitely read up on that! ((((:
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