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Can I have a normal pregnancy after tubal ligation

I have always thought of myself as fertile. I got pregnant the very first time I had sex. So after my first born in 2005 I  got on the patch. A year later I ended up pregs again. My ob said because I had gained weight it wasn't as effective. So after my 2nd son, I started the depo shot. 6months later I'm pregs, yet again with #3. I changed my ob and decided to get the paragard IUD because it didn't have any hormones and it was suppose the last 10 years. I said supposed because I indeed got pregs with baby #4. My first girl was born on in Feb. 2013. I had a c-section and my tubes tied. But shortly after she was born she passed away from a heart condition. It broke my heart. Now it's been 7 months since the surgery and my period is almost a month late. Could I actually be pregnant? And if so what is the likely hood that I can have a normal pregnancy?
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You have a 1% chance of getting pregnant after a tubal I never did after 9 years but I did have Ivf and having a good pregnancy so far. You should go see your doc and make sure it's not a tubal pregnancy. My period never went away after the surgery
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Yes there are instances of tubal ligation failing and women becoming pregnant. I'm not sure the actual statistics of how many of those pregnancies are normal I've just heard the odds are not good. I would take a pregnancy test and make an appointment with your doc.
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My mom had a tubal ligation after she had me and had my little brother 4 years later. They were both completely healthy. It happens but is very rare. I'd go to the Dr and get it checked. It could be a pregnancy or something else. I'm so sorry to hear about your little girl and I wish you the best.
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Im sorry to hear about your little girl. While rare, it is possible to to have a normal pregnancy after a tubal ligation. I strongly suggest you take a test and if its positive see a Dr as soon as you can to make sure you're not having a tubal. That can be very dangerous to not only baby but you as well. Best wishes to you.
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it happened to my aunt. She had her tubes tied and had her third baby. It does happen. It seems the statistics are off slightly as everybody knows someone that it happened too!
Best bet is the Dr.

Sorry for your loss <3
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I am so sorry for your loss. I am going through the possibility of being pregnant or was and I had a tubal march of 2011. I'm still waiting I haven't had a period since April and have been through every test known. I had positive home tests x 10 but negative blood. There is a possibility I miscarried last month. I have a thread going and I'm keeping updates coming. I wish you all the luck and it is possible!;)
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