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Can't wait... but then again, I can

Not really a question...
I'm 32 weeks today, and althought I feel like I want this baby to come out a little early, I can also wait.  I feel financially unprepared for this baby, and my husband fails to see a problem.  He is not understanding that while I'm on maternity leave, I will be receiving half of my normal pay, plus when I have to go back to work, we'll need to find daycare, and so far the cheapest I can find is 130-175/week.  That is over half my paycheck.  I will be expecting my 10 yr old son to start coming home after school (he will be almost 11) to cut that daycare cost down, but I don't want to leave him all day every day in the summer, so I will still need to pay for part time daycare then, too.  I know the costs I found don't seem like a lot to people out in California or other expensive places to live, but here, in Michigan, it's a lot when it will take up half or more of your paycheck.  I'm also having issues thinking about going back to work.  I know what I missed with my first son while I worked full time, and I know what I'll be missing with this one.  I want to start looking for a cheaper house, and one that is hooked up to natural gas... propane has been killing us this winter.  We had to have our tank filled twice in a month's time.  That's like 2 extra house payments on top of my house payment.  There is no way we can survive another winter like this and have to pay daycare for a baby.  So, although I have pretty much everything I need to bring the baby home... I don't feel we have enough money to pay for everything the baby will need.  No- my husband and I make too much for government assistance, even though we are struggling.  It won't look good that we both bought new cars recently.... even though doing that and trading the 3 we had saved us a whopping $3 on our combined car payments, but it also saves us on insurance as both vehicles were classified as "wagons" with the insurance company, even though I think mine is technically an SUV.  We are also paying less because we now only have insurance for 2 vehicles rather than the 3 we had.  We're trying to make cuts, but it just seems that wherever we make cuts, more expenses pop up elsewhere.  
But ladies... do you have issues explaining money to your husbands?  Do they fail to see the problems?  Money became the beginning of the end of my first marriage, and I might be seeing the cycle repeat if my husband doesn't want to make some changes.  I have found houses in the area that don't have the land that we have, but they have more bedrooms, fenced yards, natural gas, and they're cheaper than this house... plus we have made improvements on this one and I'm pretty sure we can get more out of it than what we paid.  I just need my husband to get on board with this.  

*end rant*
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Hey Im in Michigan as well. Similar boat we make to much to qualify for anything but don't make enough to make ends meet. I would just take things one day at a time. Continue to make small financial adjustments.It might even help to at some point sit down with a financial advisor. That way ur hubby can see from an outside perspective.
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