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Christian advise

Any ladies who are christian, please respond. Do u believe birth control interfears with your belief? I've heard this and that but I am still confused.
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No I do not. Personally I believe birth control helps prevent bringing another human into this world when we don't feel like we should for whatever our own personal reasons are. If God wants you to have another child you will, even if you're taking birth control. I have proof growing in my belly lol. I am not talking about birth control that kills an already implanted zygote, but the prevention type. The other, to me, is the same as an abortion just sooner in the pregnancy.
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I agree with akcgsmom completely.
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I'm newly Catholic and they teach no birth control and I agree BUT I have three kids plus this prenancy and I'm a full time student and we dont make much money. So I don't want to get pregnant again anytime soon. They advise using the calendar method but my cycles are always irregular! So, I'm very confused of how I'm going to deal with the not getting pregnant again right away issue. I might use some sort of birth control sure as the pill just because of my personal reasons. But the main goal I think of being a Christian and Him wanting us to have children is to populate the world with wonderful people who are caring and compassionate. .this is what He teaches. So, it's up to you. Good luck.
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It's up to the individual I can't speak for anyone I myself and my husband do not believe in it we actually had a conversation about this recently and we were basically saying in this day and age and the way the world is no one takes marriage seriously anymore and sex is so open these days that if u are a single person who is dating has to be cautious... see before marriage is dead... and even in marriage spouses cheat... so it's not only a prevention of pregnancy anymore but of diseases as well... but we don't believe in it I have never taken a birth control pill ever allergic to latex.. I have 1 son who is 10 was with his dad 4 years before he was born... prior to my marriage a year ago ...this is the 1st for my husband... I never had an abortion. . I actually thought I couldn't get pregnant... lol before my son.. not that I was trying to ... I can't tell another woman how to treat her body.. These are just my opinion. . But go according to your beliefs and circumstances. ..
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I think whether using birthcontrol or not if God wants a baby to be born it will be born. After all a baby is planned by God before it's even conceived. I'm carrying my 7th child :) Xx
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I dont not agrre with that at all. Yes children are a blessing from God but i believe we still have to use our minds and common sense...otherwise we end up with 10 kids and no means of taking care of each of them the way they deserve.
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I'm going thru the same thing. This will be baby #3 for my me and hubby. I'm so torn. I'm a Christian woman and I do believe in the word very strongly. The Bible does tell us to be fruitful and multiply but personally I feel like I'm done having children. Idk what the answer is but I'll pray for u as I pray for myself
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I didn't think it is bad. But yes the plan b pill is no doubt an abortion.
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I am Catholic, admittedly not a great one. I have used birth control and in the past. .. for me I was already having premarital sex, so birth control wasn't too much worse. My mom who is very Catholic is the one who suggested I get on it at 18, when dating my first serious boyfriend. I think it's up to the individual.

And I do not think it's correct to say plan b is equivalent to an abortion. .. because it's not. It does not end an existing pregnancy,  it just stops one from having a possibility to start. Which is the same concept as birth control, only not as preemptive.
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I'm Christian,  but my church doesnt exactly claim a religion we are just about christ. so that's awesome, our church is a G12 church and we all have leaders to help us, my leader was upset when I told her about getting on birth control after I have my son. she told me "no absolutely not, you shouldnt be planning sex until your married" well obviously I fell short because im pregnant and single, but when I was 16, I was raped, it resulted in thankfully nothing because I was on birth control. i told her what of that would ever god forbid happen again, I'm not going to carry a child of a rapist  I just wont (granted if so, I wouldnt abort) but I just wont let it happen, hence being protected. I understand preaching abstinence, and I plan to be after my son, but I also plan to be ln birth control.  its your decision.  god sees your heart,  and even if you mess up, or fall short, he still forgives and loves you  do what YOU gotta do.
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I was raised Catholic and although my grandma thinks birth control and condoms is wrong (she says it messes with God's plan) I have always practiced safe sex until I was ready to have a child. I'm on my 2nd pregnancy and both of them were planned... I have used almost every birth control method there is... many, many different pills, plan B, deprovera, the patch, nuvaring, calendar or rhythm method, and the pull out method... I don't believe its wrong... I think getting an abortion or getting the abortion pill is wrong- or trying to make yourself intentionally miscarry, but finding preventative ways to not get pregnant is just responsible.
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I grew up Roman Catholic (I officially left the Catholic church several yrs ago though)... but I have always been against birth control... mainly pills & surgery (burning tubes, etc....) not necessarily bc it is what the church teaches but bc of what it is.  From a religious pov I feel like our bodies shouldn't be tampered with.  I do believe that our body is our temple and any kind of drug, especially a hormone drug should not be used (I feel the same about fertility drugs too, but that's just a personal opinion...). Now, condoms are a different story... I think they are okay not just as pregnancy prevention but mainly as a way of reducing std rates.  I don't necessarily believe in sex before marriage,  but then again it is not my place to judge.  I lost my virginity to a rape when I was 20 (I truly was saving myself for marriage)... so I understand circumstances arise & not every person has complete control over that choice.

Anyway, bottom line, my opinion is birth control pill, shot, plan b, patch, ring, whatever, getting "fixed", are not for me.  

Condoms I don't necessarily condone, but I don't find them as offensive? if that's even the right word.
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I don't think there is anything wrong with it. I agree if it's Gods will for you to be pregnant he will make it happen whether you are on birth control or not. You should not feel swayed either way by others. I choose not to go on it because we wanted our kids close together in age and I knew if God wanted me to be pregnant he would allow it to happen in his timing.
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I don't agree with any type of BC. Or plan b, morning after or any of that. Now to be on a pill to regulate a period....sure. But to prevent...no. Even in the event of rape I wouldn't terminate a pregnancy. If God didn't want that baby to be put there then it wouldn't have been put there.
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Jesus did not command his followers to have or not to have children. Neither did any of Jesus’ disciples issue any such directive. Nowhere does the Bible explicitly condemn birth control. In this matter, the principle outlined at Romans 14:12 applies: “Each of us will render an account for himself to God.”

Married couples, therefore, are free to decide for themselves whether they will raise a family or not. They may also decide how many children they will have and when they will have them. If a husband and wife choose to use a nonabortive form of contraception to avoid pregnancy, that is their personal decision and responsibility. No one should judge them.—Romans 14:4, 10-13.

Im Christian as well. It is a completely personal matter. The decree giving in Genesis to Adam and Eve was b4 they sinned and loss perfection. As Christians we respect the commands of the old testament & follow their principles, but we follow the teachings of Christ.

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I am a Christian but believe in birth control. It was not something my church taught. What does using or not using birth control have to do with following and loving God? Praying and repenting for sins and accepting God as your savior is what you need. Why birth control is ever brought into church is beyond me. I know some churches believe sex is purely for procreation but let's get real 99% of people have sex for more than that, Christian or not.
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