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DEFINITELY felt our baby boy KICK!!! ❤

today at 18w2d approximately 2 a.m. (yes, I'm a night owl) I started feeling thumps in my belly.. well, I thought it was just me, so I look down.. and I SAW it!!!

I screamed out of excitement, my fiancé looked at my belly.. and nothing! lol - I'm like NO, no no no no... I'm not crazy. this isn't gas, this isn't just whatever, he just kicked or hit my stomach twice & I know it! I was wearing a fitted dress that sort of clings to my belly, and it was noticeably moving! so we start watching tv again.. then again.. BAM!! my fiancé looks again.. and we are both just watching my belly for a couple of minutes before it happens again.. I wanted him to see it so badly!!!

then finally.. we BOTH saw it!! my belly/dress moved in the same spot, TWICE!! it felt amazing!!!! I've been feeling flutters/butterflies in my belly for a couple of weeks, but nothing has been absolutely definite.. until last night! I knew he moved a lot, but my goodness.. I guess the ultrasound tech. was right. he is going to be kicking my butt very soon!! lol I haven't felt anything since, as I'm sure it'll just be every now & then right now, but I can't wait to constantly feel him move!! ahhh, so exciting!! so technically I probably felt him about 5-7 times total!! I also felt him later on in my sleep once or twice!

sorry so long, but this is so new & so real for me right now.. I can't wait to hold you Colby Lee!!
mommy & daddy love you so much!!! (((((: ❤
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Congrats :)
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thank youuuu! (((:
can't wait for him to do it more often.. I'll be eating those words later haha! but I'm so happy & thankful.. ❤
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So awesome. I can't wait to feel some baby acrobats. Lol
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it is the most indescribable feeling ever.. even my fiancé was like, "that is so amazing.. and weird?!" lol!! I'm like yeah, imagine FEELING it!!! lol

I could try to describe it 1,000 times, but you just have to FEEL IT.. I'm so in love!! how far along are you?!!
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It is amazing when you really get to feel themnkick for the first time. I love feeling the kicks. My boyfriend got to feel our baby kick the other night. He was so excited. We both cant wait until tuesday we have another ultrasound and he gets to go.  
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Almost 14wks.  I am a little heavier so I'm not sure if it will take longer for not... Either way I can't wait
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So awesome!  I can't wait!  :D
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Lucky! Ive been feeling mine since 14w and am now 22w. Everytime I try to get my hubby to see or feel it he suddenly stops kicking! Lol
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@mykids4dars: awe, you're absolutely right, best feeling ever! he didn't touch my belly because he was scared he'd make him stop lol! but hopefully he'll be able to sit his hand there next time!! waiting to feel it again.. driving myself crazy sitting here waiting haha!! he's probably asleep now though! (((:
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@callmemzc: well I'm sure you don't have long to wait! you may start feeling flutters & stuff soon like I did!!! I always assumed it was gas or something, but NOPE! you'll start getting in tune with your body & you'll definitely know the difference!
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@schmalzy: you don't have long at all either!!!! lol I'm excited for you too.. absolutely best feeling in the world.. can't wait for him to do it again!! lol (((:
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@thorarb: lol! well he hasn't "felt" him kick yet, he just saw it.. he was scared to touch my belly because he thought he'd scare him & make him stop lol!! he kept talking really close to my belly though, humming on it trying to make him move.. I'm like, if you're going to do that, just put your hand there & wait lol!
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Wait until u get further along im 27 weeks n u literally feel the babys knees or elbows and theyre so much bigger that it feels like ur touching them, my baby is so much active everyone's felt her already
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;D... It only gets better from here.
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@jen9588: awwwe, I'm so excited!!!! last night was such a tease!! I've been waiting to feel him all day, but nothing! "/ I know it'll be just every now & then for now, but I can't wait to feel him 24/7 like that!! lol

@candy_t: I can ONLY imagine.. I'm soooo anxious I can't stand it! I've been sitting in the same position as last night just waitinggggg!! lol ((((:
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Thats truley amazing. ... im always sitting still in silence hoping i feel something..... weird me..... so happy for you!!!!!!!! Was it creepy to see it... im so scared i might find my baby moving kinda creepy.     :/
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@natpat5: I swear, I had the BIGGEST fear of having a panic attack! I swear my first thoughts or words were going to be, "OMG, get this thing out of me!!!!!!!!!" lol

BUT, it was NOT like that at all!! it felt great, almost like a boost of energy (I assume from he excitement), and I couldn't wait to feel it over and over!
I guess of course it's still a little strange, because you've never felt anything like it in your life, but it's a feeling that you'll WANT to feel over & over again.. I already feel like I'm going to miss being pregnant.

luckily I want a few more kids lol I'm only 25, and I want a big family.. trust me, you won't find it creepy! haha (((:
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My baby is the most active in the evenings and at night. As I type he is kicking like crazy. Every time my hubby touches me the baby stops moving. Its driving the hubby crazy. Lol
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@emt29817: awww that's so funny!! lol my fiancé would put his mouth on my belly & hum, and that sort of worked!! I can't wait to feel him more often though.. been waiting to feel him again all day!!! lol how far along are you?!
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