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Excessive weight gain according to this app

13kgs in 34 weeks is apparently excessive!? I would love to have only put on 10kgs this pregnancy but it hasn't worked out that way despite healthy eating and keeping active. I don't think that 13 is excessive, esp because I had a healthy bmi before I fell pregnant. Wow, feeling like a big blob now lol :-(
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I'm 39wks and have gained 17kg. My midwife says there's no cause for concern so long as it's not excess fluid causing it. I started at 53kgs so maybe our bodies just need it !!!!
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I dont hold much store by what it says because everyone is different! just as no 2 pregnancy's are the same!
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The app isn't a doctor. It knows nothing. Also, if you don't update it for a few weeks then you do update it with your current weight it will tell you excessive so watch out for that. It told me I was gaining excessive as well. I ignored it. Doctor isn't worried thats all I care about. Lol
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I've read the most women gain between 8kg-20kg. I'm at 11kg at 24 weeks. Everyone is different.
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I totally agree with what's been said- this ap doesn't put you on a different range if you started out under or over or right on ideal weight and that will play a role in how much you gain so it can't be accurate as to what's not ok or ok.  If you are following a normal growth curve with your doc then maybe don't bother updating it in here cuz it may make you self consious for no reason
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All we can offer you is our own experiences. We are not doctors and niether are the apps. It serves mostly as a baseline.   Your doctor will be the one to tell you if weight is a concern.  Everyone gains differently. Every pregnancy is different.  Just do your best to exercise and make healthy food choices. Congrats and try not to stress.  :)
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I posted this same thing a few weeks ago. Its silly to get by an app but its hard not too when it tells you you've gained too much weight. It will continue to say so for bc I always gain a lot during pregnancy but my doctors have never been concerned by my weight gain and that's what really matters.
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Agreed, and it also doesn't account for your height, body type, and lifestyle. If your doctor isn't worried, don't worry. The app & websites tell me I'm not gaining enough because I was average BMI before & at 30wks I've only gained 7lbs, but the baby is 3lbs & totally fine. My doctor says as long as baby is growing right, don't worry what anything/anyone else says.
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