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Gallbladder problems while pregnant

Ok so I know there is something wrong with my gallbladder.. I have pain on my upper right abdomen by my ribs and it goes into my back by my shoulder blade.. I had a ultrasound yesterday to look for gallstones and everything came back normal! I'm so frustrated bc I'm 100  % positive it's my gallbladder.. I only get this pain after I eat fatty foods and i had it with my first pregnancy.. I'm 32 weeks now! Has anyone else had issues with their gallbladder while pregnant? I heard of this hipa test I can take to see how well your gallbladder functions but every time I go to my dr it's 75 dollar copay.. This pain went away after I had my first daughter so idk if I should just tough it out or get it checked out! I'm tired of being in pain and drs telling me I'm fine!!
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Yes, with my last pregnancy, I was in the ER 3 times for gallbladder attacks. Four weeks after my c-section, I had it removed.
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I'm 28 wks today and I'm having the same issue. I started having problems last June and they just kept sending me to different Drs. The symptoms came and went so it was hard to diagnose. Once I was 13 wks they finally decided that was the problem but all the drs said they won't touch me till baby is born. So I'm just having to tough it out. I've for the most part controlling it with my diet. No cheeseburgers :(  Dr said they'll probably take my gallbladder when they tie my tubes.  
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Ouch I had horrible gallstones while I was pregnant with my daughter! I had no idea what the pain was for months! At first I honestly thought it was Braxton hicks contractions and it scared me sh*tless! I thought that was a preview of labor. When it was finally diagnosed I was in my third tri so I was told to watch my diet (any dairy sent me into an hour plus long attack) and tough it out until I'd delivered.
I ended up going into the hospital for an unscheduled surgery when my daughter was seven weeks old, a day after my hubby turned twenty one. I'd been having a horrible attack since I took him to dinner the night before and I finally said f this, get this thing OUT of me!
Labor was nothing compared to that last attack. I actually needed two surgeries to remove all the stones because some had decided to lodge themselves in my bile duct. Eugh.
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I said the same thing! The pitocin induced labor pains were nothing compared to some of my gallbladder attacks!!
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How far along are u? I had the same problem when I was pregnant the last time. I went to the er with pains and they told me they didn't see any gall stones there either, but after I had my daughter the pain became more intense and frequent. My daughter was born in Nov by Jan. the pain would come at least twice a month and by March it was constant. I had surgery in March I felt like a brand new penny! I know many people try to avoid surgery but it was the best thing I did.
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I will agree with the other ladies.. gallstone attacks are the worst.. atleast with labor contractions there is a break.. this pain is constant for hours!! I got to the point i said forget it i won't eat. I went 2weeks with out any solid foods. I lost 22 lbs, but i wasn't in pain. I knew i couldn't go on like that. I also had two surgeries. Because of how long I waited my pancreas had become infected from the bile and I need to have a stint place in it to drain the infection. My daughter was about 5 months old and I stayed in the hospital for 5 days. I don't wish that pain on anyone. It makes it hard to breathe at times. Good luck sweetie! Just get it done once u have the baby.
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Yup I had surgery two weeks ago im 24 weeks its the worst pain scary I couldve lost my baby but we made it.I had amazing doctor I had to remove gallbladder can give u infection or hurt baby if erupted I was scared but definitely feel 100times better I recommend to remove .. while I was under I had 10 doctors in room monitoring me and baby..
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Goodness, after reading these posts I'm so thankful my gallbladder was removed in 2005 after 16 years of pain. I was only 10 years old when my gallbladder was found back in 1989. I suffered with doubling over pain for years. I'm so thankful that I never had to deal with that now that I'm pregnant, but if labor pain really isn't as bad as gallbladder attacks then I should be good because learning to live with constant gallbladder attacks for 16 years really raised my pain tolerance. Sorry ladies that you have to experience attacks while pregnant. That's just brutal. We have enough to deal with already. Wish you all the best.
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Agreed!! Its a shame that pregnancy can cause them. I juwt recommend anyone that has gall bladder issues get it removed. The surgery is relatively quick and once that's over the pain is gone!!
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