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Gestational Diabetes

I found out I have very high sugar levels at 32 weeks. I have been keeping track, watching my diet and have recently started taking insulin shots but still seem to be getting high numbers:(....I spoke to my diabetes specialits and she says its expected and we may increase the insulin units (earlier they were increased from 4 to 6 units but still coming high).

Has anyone else been taking insulin shots? any long term effects or dependencies on these for me or the baby? I am really scared of getting diabetes as my dad's side has a history of diabetes and scared of the restricted life u have due to it.
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You control the amount of insulin you require based on your diet.  I am taking 20 units and trying to reduce the units but no success yet.  The effects of too much or too little will mean a smaller or larger baby. It is hard but writing my meals out along with checking my blood sugar helps much.  I have cut out yogurt because it spikes my glucose levels too high.
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And from what I remember you can go right on oral meds after delivery if needed.  So no more insulin shots.
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I am also borderline and need to take the 3 hour test. I am 32 weeks, I hope it doesn't come to that. I hope it gets better for u. Taling the insulin shot will meed time to work. Good luck sweetie!
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Thank you girls...I don't mind taking the insulin but it doesn't seem to be controlling the sugar....my dose has been increased from 4 to 6 units and the Dr says it might have to be increased further. I just dont want to have diabetes later on nor do I want my baby to develop it. m testing over 5 times a day and trying to control my diet as much as possible (sugar cravings are making it all the more difficult:))...
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No dependacies, for you or your baby is associated with insulin injections. As far as diabetic meds go out is the most natural, that is it the only one that your body actually makes and had regulatory systems  in place for. Your baby can't tell the difference between insulin you make andthe shots you take.

Taking insulin for you will not make you dependant. The high untreated sugars are what cause the disease process. Resulting in higher triglycerides levels in your blood, as well as kidney artery and nerve damage.  Which I'm sure you know given the family history.

Since you have modified your diet. The next step would be excerse as that makes the muscles use more sugar and helps decrease insulin resistance. You will need to talk to your doc about that and measure your sugars closely as some ppl have dropped too low  to fast.

For you however the fact that your sugars are high during your pregnancy is associated with a higher chance then the general population for getting diabetes in the future. But remember association is not cause. There are plenty of women who never develope DM in there life times.

After your delivery you will just have to be more diligent about getting excersize etc.
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Thank you so much for the detailed response.... was doing yoga till few weeks back but then got  a bit busy and haven't been able to continue...Will make sure I start again soon:)
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