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HCG levels......

I know this has been on here before, but does anyone remember what your HCG levels should be at what week??? I know if they are low what that means, and if they are high then that could mean multiples or maybe a problem. I've read several post on here about 400-500 range levels at 5-6 weeks. If anyone has this info I would appreciate it.
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Last week at almost 5 weeks I was 7,821 and two days later Iwas 14,000+. Hope that helps.
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At 4wks1day I was at 142, and at 5wks I was at 1463.  The ranges vary from woman to woman, I believe the goal is for them to double every 2 to 3 days.  I've copied a chart that I found:

The "normal" ranges for the Beta hCG blood pregnancy test are shown in the table below.
Week from the Last Mentral Period  Amount of HCG in mIU/ml
3 5 -50
4 3 - 426
5 19 - 7,340
6 1,080 - 56,500
7 - 8 7,650 - 229,000
9 - 12 25,700 - 288,000
13 - 16 13,300 - 254,000
17 - 24 4,060 - 165,400
25 - 40 3,640 - 117,000

As you can see, there is a large range.  Hope this helps somewhat.
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Wow, I didn't realize they could vary that much. I guess I'm fine. At 4.5 wks I was 2,239. Thanks guys!
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I am sorry, when are you due? i know I asked this already adn you probably answered, my brain is fried right now....

My EDD is 11/26.
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My due date is 11/30. So not far from you at all.
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where did you find that chart?  that is amazing that the ranges are that broad.  no wonder some women get bfn for so long after af is due even when they are pg.

kassimom and emma-
cool you two may just have Thanksgiving babies.  
my sister was actually due on Thanksgiving a couple years ago. she hoped he would either be late or maybe a couple days early so  she could still have family dinner.

good luck
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I found the chart at www.obfocus.com . If you look on the main page down the right hand side they have an HCG Calculator.  If you click on that, it not only gives you a chart, but you can plug in two different hcg readings and dates and it will tell you the rate at which your level is increasing.
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LOL It is so funny you say that! I am going to really try and pop this baby out on the 21st for my DH's b-day! But my DD keeps insisting to everybody that I am going to be "Having a baby for Thanksgiving". She has even gone so far as to say that if the hospital won't have Thanksgiving dinner, she will bring me food. I told her that I won't be in the hospital for Thanksgiving and she said with a twinkle "How do YOU know?"

I wonder if my lil girl knows something I don't? Maybe she talks to her lil sibling more than I think!!! :)
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that's so cute.  if you are aiming the the 21st, go to one of those hispanic markets. there is a tea the hipanic women drink to induce labor. (sorry can't remember the name of it i'll try to find out) anyway it is supposed to work like a charm so i've been told.

thanks i'll lok that up (just curiosity sake)  i'm on the boring 2ww.

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My due date is 11/23! another turkey baby!
p.s. to emma1: in my 4th week i was mistakenly told by a nurse that my HCG levels were low and I should be worried. they were 117 and then three days later 550. they were doubling normally but this nurse got me in a panic. then i foudn this forum and folks calmed me down by sharing a variety of numbers. at my OB/GYN visit after the nutty nurse, she didn't even check the HCG levels, she felt comfident from the little sack in the sonagram that my pregnancy was in tact.
its all so nervewracking sometimes. I can't wait to just be excited and tell everyone i'm really pregnant (and heading toward week 7!)
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I am only three weeks preg and on the 1st my HCG was 1518 and now on the 3rd is was 496.Am I losing my baby?
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I am concerned about my hcg levels.  
They are
3/30 562
4/1  755
4/5  1695
4/8  2650

My progesterone was also low but I am on supplements and now it is at 1570.

I had heavy bleeding 2 weeks ago and my doc told me I would miscarry, but my levels have continued to go up and the first US on 4/1 showed a sac.

I think I will be seven weeks since LMP on Monday, but my doctor says that is not possible by looking at my levels.  I am going in for an US on Monday and she is expecting to see nothing more than a sac, but it seems that at this point we should at least see a fetal pole.  I am worried that I may have a blighted ovum.  If I am off on how far along I am, it can't be more than a week.  I am very regular and knew when I ovulated (I was keeping close track since we were trying).

Anyone experiencing something similar?  Any info would be great.  Not knowing is absolutely driving me crazy...
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I am also very scared right now.  I just found out last monday with a hpt that i am pregnant and as we have been trying I am soo excited.  I had my blood work done last week (should be around 4 weeks)  I received a call from the doctor that my beta levels were much lower than he thought they should be.  So I went in for another blood test and an US.  The US does show a sac in the uterus.  But this is all I know right now.  The doctor said my level should be higher and is possibly an unhealthy pregnancy.  I have been a mess, I can't sleep, I can't stop crying.  I am soo scared.
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My HCG Level is 136,273 as of today and yesterday I had a vaginal ultrasound and the DR. could not find the heartbeat.

I could not log on to your page to see the calculator. Where else can I find it?
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i just have a quick question. my first hcg test was 283 and docs said i was 3 weeks and now my 2nd test 4 days later come back 2500hcg. can anyone tell me roughly how far along i am cause my doctor has no idea.
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thank god for this comment, I'm about 3-4 weeks and my hormone level is 142 and they are saying it could turn into a miscarraige, I will find out wednesday. However, nonetheless it has had me very worried. So to see that helps so much!
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At 5w 0d hcg was 2239.
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