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HELP!!!! Has anyone had a unnecessary. c section ?

Im 27 yrs.old and 29 weeks pregnant.
This is my fourth pregnancy.
My last 3 pregnancies where done by natural vaginal birth.
Which i really enjoyed!
My husband and i had been informed with our new ob that he wants me to have a c section planned to take place in the begging of August 2015.
The reason he had chosen this method of delivery is because last july i delivered our 1st son who ended up passing away @ 4 days old after birth from sids..(left my husband and i heartbroken)!!
2 days after he had passed i gathered up enough courage to get myself to the hospital as i was having unusual tremendous back pain and one of the worst headaches of my life prior to the tragic event that taken. place.
I thought maybe depression or its all in my head b/c i was sad.
Turned out i made the right decision to go in.
I had been diagnosed with
1) a spinal leak
2) a tethered spinal cord
3) a cerebral aneurysm on the carotid artery

I had the spinal leak taken care of as well as had back surgery to correct the problem and get the bottom of the spine bone removed and the ligament cut.
I had to heal from the back surgery before having the aneurysm clipped.

In the process of healing i had become pregnant with our second son and had been unable to have the aneurysm procedure done.

My ob wants me to have a c section for this reason alone to take safety precautions in case of pushing from labor causing aneurysm rupture in the brain.

I am really unsure of this choice but he is the medical professional (not me i know).
Reason for being unsure is because i am terrified of the thought of the recovery process and how long it may take. I am very use to vaginal birth and being very self sufficient once the numbness wears off. I love being able to care for my children and do what i need to do.

I feel like it will obviously be a completely different experience but i am stressing how much more limited i will be and to suffer the pain of recovery as well as the possibility to have further issues with my bladder once cut open which i already have intercystalcysitis.

My neurologist who is taking care of the aneurysm doesn't feel it to be necessary to have a c section for the sole purpose of only being done based on the aneurysm b/c he said either way of both birthing choices ( vaginal vs c section) is risky for rupture and neither procedure lessens the chance but to go along with whatever the ob is more comfortable with.

Which makes me nervous as i have seen some doctors seem to be c section happy if you know what i mean. Not sure how legitimate or necessary a c section will be?

I did ask about the recovery of a c section to try to ease my mind by gathering information and hard core studying of trying to gain any possible information of completely understanding a c section and reasons why its needed..ect...

One problem i really do have is as i had been discussing my concerns with my ob such recovery and such.
He said it goes like this:
1) i will see him the day before the c section and get a full check up as well as the baby to make sure we are fine.
2) i will not eat or drink anything 8 hours prior to the c section and check in the hospital @ 3 am and he will preform the c section @ 6 am
3) in the middle of that time i will get a spinal not an epidural which kinda gives me the jeebees b/c i wasn't planning on either as i had my back surgery last October 2014.
4) right after stiching me up he will immediately prescribe a morphine drip as he does with all his patients given a c section for 24 hours then switched to pills ibphrophan and w/e narcotic.
I don't particularly care for the whole narcotic garbage let alone the morphine drip as it had made me very ill when given for a very severe kidney infection when i was younger.

The whole thing i do not understand is
1) its not a for sure necessary thing stated from my neurologist.
2)my ob said that i will only be staying 1 day after the c section.
So basically go in have c section go home the following day.
Is that normal?
I am someone who has a history of mrsa especially when i get a wound or contract infections easily...just always been that way since i was a kid.

I asked about the one day recovery and how past patients best managed the discomfort of the c section @ home
. He said to my husband and i (we give you A LOTA pain meds)! And added (narcotics)! as he smiled at us and i was thinking ok?
What the heck?

I think part of my fears as well is my husband was all for supporting our son and i.due to the fact i am scheduled for a c section and because of our son passing away from sids last yr.
So i was feeling a little better about having the c section with the support.
But now he all of the sudden decides he doesn't want to take time off work which he can and they already allowed. Instead he wants me to do everything and be mostly the only one in the house. I have no problem with this except the anticipation of having the c section..a ridiculously short healing time and the fact i have heard it is much better to heal if you have some sorta help as well as walk to help the recovery process.

I really dont know what to expect.
Is my ob justified in making me have a c section
And a 1 day hospital recovery and throwing all these meds at me?

Should my husband reconsider at least helping out he 1st few days? He believes he will get too bored and thats why he doesn't want to take work off no other reason. And we have NO fam around here what so ever.

Has anyone had inadequate pain relief?

What time duration for the hospital is normal to at least get stabilized?

Sorry this is sooooo long! I just really want to seek the right support and gather facts the best i can before this happens.

All thoughts and opinions are very welcome!

Thank you so much in advance.

Sincerely bondsmommy

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Having a c section is not bad at all I had one with my son and the next day in the hospital I was walking around yes you do need some help like if you need to get stuff off the floor but you can walk and hold baby all your self it's not horrible at all I felt good the next day
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I would get second opinions if possible... The specialist on aneurysms says it doesn't matter, and your ob says a c sec is safer. Which is correct? One is obviously wrong.

You have a history of mrsa which means you want to stay out of surgery and get out of hospital quickly. You also want to have a quick recovery time. Both reasons to have a vaginal birth. But you sure as hell don't want to risk a vaginal birth if it IS actually riskier with your condition.

So if possible, I would get a second and even third opinion from neurologists and obs. But could be pricey. You could also research medical articles if you're comfortable doing that, and look up guidelines for your condition.

If you do go with a c sec, ask your husband to stay home and show him articles that point out the differences in recovery for vaginal vs csec so he knows it will be different this time!
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I would get second opinions as well! Also just a thought...is it possible your husband says he doesn't want to take time off because he fears the same thing happening again? Men process things different and it may be a good idea to talk to him and try and see what is going on, and if you have a section make sure he knows with all the drugs they intend to put you on you won't be fully functioning that quickly!
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It sounds to me like your doctor was expecting your reaction to the pain meds to be different. Almost like he wanted you to be excited to get the 'feel goods'. I personally don't enjoy taking medication that makes me feel out of it. I would suggest that your husband does take a few days off since you don't have any other family to rely on. Even if you aren't in terrible pain, if you are on narcotics you may not wake up to the baby crying.

Also, just another suggestion, have you considered doing an unmedicated vaginal birth? The reason I suggest that is because 1) if you had complications with the epidural the last time around they could happen again 2) since with an epidural you have no idea how hard you are pushing, it could possibly cause you to push harder than what you really need to. Plus with doing it natural you don't have to be told when to push. You feel the contractions come and you push for as hard and as long as you can. I have had 2 unmedicated vb and both times while pushing I did lots of short pushes in a contraction rather than one long push. I agree to get more opinions on your condition and don't let the narcotic-happy doctor pressure you into a cs if others say it isn't necessary.
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Thank you very.much for sharing your wonderful experience. Sounds like you had a great experience with your c section! :)
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Thank you also for a wonderful opinion.
I deeply appreciate the time and consideration you took to give me some much needed advice! :)

I would like a second opinion...sure wish i had done
that last oct for my back surgery.
It sure doesn't make sense for them to both be right.
Though I'm so confused by my neurologist supporting my.obs decision and just letting me know he'll be on standby if anything does happen.

I'm not exactly thrilled with my neurologist lack of care though.
I had been trying to contact him since nov. 2014 and hadn't had a return of contact until the begging of may 2015. So that does make me a little concerned.

I have NO idea if this is good or bad or what? But when researching my ob and his background..i had come across the fact that he is considered the # 1 ob around here and has won 3 awards for best ob 3 years in a row where i live..and moms swear up and down hes the best and cant find anything. negative about it. Which is good..i guess?

Since posting ive been trying to be proactive and see what my options are through my insurance.
One of the things that really stinks is that most obs around here support the other obs and won't even consider going against the other and absolutely refuse to see any expecting mother after a certain point in the pregnancy which was one of my problems last yr. When my husband and i moved to the middle of the desert 8 months pregnant with our 1st son.
No one would see me...sure made me miss back home...my ob there was amazing! Never pushed anything on me and we even became friends.

Pretty much my prenatal care here was the er. :\

Yea..boy oh boy...i hated mrsa!!
I had gotten a spider bite that needed to be. drained
and treated 2 days in admit they say oh and you have mrsa...that was a insane battle!  
Got it when i was 18 fighting it on and off all the way to 23. My husband ended up with it and my.poor 6 month old baby girl got it on her labia!

She didn't get super sick until the doctor squeezed it! After that she got a high fever and sent her for surgery. I felt horrible! I took bleach baths/antibiotics/washed and rewashed the clothes...while washing everything..i scrubbed down every wall with bleach and water and did not bring the clothes back in until every carpet piece had been professionally cleaned even got new mattress..i wanted to be as serious as possible about it..worked with my infections disease doctor and she still got it.
Seriously i stayed 19 days straight with my daughter and prayed and tried to spread the word for others to pray for her. It reached all the way to Jerusalem! 6 days into her hospital stay..it was going down and eventually went away and NEVER. came back!
I have tested negative. as well. last 3. hospital stays!
Sorry got a little off topic..it does kinda worry me though.

I've been researching a lota articles before posting and it is a wonderful idea! Thank you. :)

I've been researching both aneurysms and c section and both together and other peoples experience..nothing really straight forward found yet though both negative and positive things about re:pregnancy.

I will keep seeking though in hopes of an answer!
I will for sure show him.
He's just one of those guys who isn't exactly sympathetic or a person who looks at the facts unless he goes through it himself like the mrsa
Can't exactly get him pregnant unfortunately...lol

I think i'm. going to have us attend pregnancy counselling though in attempt to show that we both need to care for eachother and support one another.

Thank you again lousie_1986!
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Me personally would go for the c section although I wouldn't want it. Because he's right the force used to push could rupture it. I'm a first time mum but work in the medical field and any change in pressure can cause it to burst.  Get a second opinion if your really unsure and at the end of the day the decision is all yours. Good luck.
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I really appreciate your medical input.

I really gave it some thought and saw my obygn this morning.
I decided to trust him and ultimately see his realistic concern for vaginal birth. It really made me feel better that he said the choice was initially mine but to be aware not taking his advice can lead to stroke possibly and further complications and longer recovery if that were to occur and told my husband and i to give it some thought and let him know our decision.

Luckily he also explained to my husband that it would be far better to at least take 4 days off of work rather then needing to take 8 weeks at least
if i were to have a stroke during vaginal birth which unfortunately happened to a patient of his last year which is why he is so on top of everything.

Another thing that bothers me is my neurologist had met with me to say pretty much its no big deal....which is true i guess until a aneurysm ruptures and bleeds...even then when he said
he'd be on standby he failed to mention theres not a lot he can do as my ob stated with actual experience. Surprisingly this poor woman actually had both my same doctors who worked together last yr!
My ob rememberes my neurologist but my neurologist doesn't remember my ob?

I am happy i was able to talk about this
c section is scary to me but what could happen is even scarier. Gunna suck it up and know that at the end of the day I'm doing what's best for my body and my baby.

Thank you so much again fluffiny
I deeply appreciate the advice!
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Ahhhh you are more than welcome. I'd hate to have a c section too but I've wanted a baby for so long if it was my only option I would as I am desperate to see my baby grow up and it would terrify me if I couldn't.  Good luck hope everything works out well for you.  Xx
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I'll add a couple thoughts.  I had a few things come up that made a csec a possibility.  I had a hard time choosing fearing both for diff reasons.  One thing that helped me was I was able to contact and meet with one of the "high risk" preg docs at the hospital and I really honored her opinion.  Concerning rupturing in the brain, I had a risk with that, the pushing I was told was riskier than the csec.  Another thing, I was lucky enough my husband had time to take a week off after we returned home after a 4 day, 3 night stay at the hospital which was the norm told to me prior to the csec.  I needed my husband as I got the hang of what I was capable of and taking things slow.  Not a bad recovery by any means.  I took the pain meds for about a week from the surgery and was able to handle any discomfort with ease.  Your doing the right thing by asking around...everyone has so many diff experiences it helps to hear all kinds.  Best of luck with your decision! I have to make that decision again now that I had one already it seems to be the norm to repeat but I have no idea yet...
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Get a second and third opinion. Obviously if it is safer for you and baby to have a c-section then that is what they will recommend, however some doctors do push sections when there really isn't a need. I do not know in your case and I'm not a medical professional, so I suggest getting other opinions. Just remember a section doesn't have to be such a scary thing. Look up gentle or family centered cesareans.
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On another note...I had a neurologist involved as well...and for lack of a better sense he was less than helpful.  I lost total respect for him when I saw his computer while we were discussing things and he was on a search engine typing in my questions... His opinion matter quite less after that.  You seem very intelligent and a good judgment of character and I'm glad you were able to come to a conclusion.  Best wishes!!!!
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