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Hospital Bag Must Have Items.!

what should I pack.?
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A mom told me sweats (comfy pants and shirts) some underwear but the hospital probably gives you some and snacks. She said her and daddy were hungry and only had vending machines open.
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Black clothing, you're gonna be leaking from everywhere lol and lots of maternity pads.
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A robe...gown(opt) grandma panties (opt) ....socks...loose clothing to go home in....baby's outfit.... snacks...personal hygiene products you prefer. Im personally bringing shower shoes for my shower after...dont trust hospital cleanliness. And entertainment for yourself.
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^^^^definitely flip flops for the shower
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I gave birth 3 weeks ago and the only things we used in our bags were: phone chargers, going home outfits for myself and the baby, baby book for his footprint (hospital didn't do hand prints due to the ink), personal toiletries, clothes for my husband, outfit for baby taking pictures, snacks, didn't think about it but shower shoes are a good idea, and that's all I can think of that we used. Even though I packed my own, I stayed in the hospital gowns due to easy access for breastfeeding and the nurses constantly checking you. I was glad I didn't worry about entertainment because when I didn't have nurses and doctors in my room I was trying to sleep. The second day after giving birth is when everyone piles in your room and it can be both hectic and frustrating. We did have money for the vending machines and snacked out of them. Also, a camera. Like I said, that's all I can think of at 4 in the morning. :) If anything else comes to mind then I'll let you know. Good luck and best wishes!
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I had posted this list sometime ago, hope this helps!

1) cash - most people leave hurriedly when labour begins, so keep some cash in your hospital bag, its

good to have some money for buying snacks, a meal, something at the pharmacy etc.
2) phone charger ( we take out phones, forget the chargers)
3) camera and batteries
4) a lipstick or a eye pencil if you normally use one, there is nothing like taking a shower the next

day, combing your hair and putting on your basic feel-good cosmetics. Plus it makes your brighter in

the pictures ( sorry if it sounds vain! :) )
5) contact list of people who matter, in case your phone dies out.
6) a hot water fomentation bag, usually hospital rooms are toooo cold for my liking and a hot water bag

under my feet helped to get comfy.
7) breastfeeding gear, if you plan to breastfeed ( i had severely cracked nipples in the first 24

hours, so a nipple shield helped.
8) some snacks to munch. The baby can keep you awake all night and the hospital cafe or food service is

most likely closed after midnight.
9) A lot of extra wipes/throwaway pieces of washcloths - the baby's meconium is going to be hard to

wash off from any fabric, so use disposable wash cloths. I wasnt happy using diapers on the delicate

skin of newborns ( and risk a diaper rash), so I used soft cotton cloth diapers and threw away the wash

cloths with meconium.
10) a hand sanitizer - for visitors. I made it a point for visitors to sanitize their hands before they

hold my perfectly cute clean pure baby! :)
11) Baby body wash and shampoo , I was not comfortable with the hospital
using their own to bathe my baby, i bought good quality, hypoallergenic ones and asked them to use my

bottles instead.
12) a diaper rash cream, newborns can get a rash from the plastic, and the elasticised edges of the diaper and Desitin helps soothe them.
13) Tissue roll
14) shrug and shawl
15) slippers
16) maternity pads
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I bring my own baby blankets, soap for me, pads I hate the ones they give underwear, socks, lip gloss, baby outfit, I'm in st.louis so they use the same pampers I use and soap on my baby. Head band if your having a girl, cute boy hat if a boy fathers clothes.
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Don't forget your car seat with base installed in car properly... They won't let you leave without it
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