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Hospital bags

ok mums to be or already mums what do you pack in yours and the baby's hospital bag?? I have no idea what to tak so far I have

•non scent wipes
•outfit to come home in

And that's it :/ and I have no idea what to take for me my minds gone blank please help any ideas is better than none
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All.the hygiene products for myself. Shampoo, soap, lotion, toothbrush,  toothpaste, brush, comb, towels, rob, pajamas,  slippers, undergarments. The baby did the same. Shampo, soap, lotion, babywipes, pampers, comb, brush,  bottles, burping cloths, blankets, onezies, socks, 3 outfits, towels, etc
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do I need to take bottles Iran planing on breast feeding?
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I haven't really packed mine or babies (should really as I'm 38 weeks) in my bag so far I have
Maternity pads
Breast pads
Pj set
Cheep nighty (for the messy bit)
Simple facial wipes
Simple soap
Wash stuff

Babies I have
Muslin clothes
Out fit
Wet wipes
Cotton wool balls
Nappy cream
Nappy bags
Sterilisation tablets
Sterilisation wipes
Blanket (my mam is still making it)

Google a list checker
That's why I did
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You don't need to take bottles but I would just incase as I know a few people that their babies didn't take to it straight away and they were force fed with a syringe.
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Breast pump in case your milk doesn't come in right away. And bottles.
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I breastfed n bottle fed. But in the baby books n online they have check lists for making up ur bag. Just google. Good luck hope u pack every thing. Don't forget deodorant!  Lolz I have to stay an extra day always so i make sure I'm prepared
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so in my bag I packed it like I was going away for the weekend lol and the baby's bag I pack 6 baby grows cotton balls nappys breast pads hand sanitiser non scented wipes three outfits and a going home outfit a snow suit as an due early December blanket so far far lol il take my breast pump in another bag and put it in the car just incase and il pack a bottle as well
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I will have my iPhone and iPad to take pictures with
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Your not going to need or use half the things suggested on this post. For mom, I recommend you own pads, toiletries, a pair of pj's, and an outfit to go home in. For baby, go home outfit and car seat is all you'll need...the hospital provides absolutely everything you need all the way down to the bottles, diapers, onesies, burping cloths, etc. To be honest, if you went with nothing, you'll still be ok...they are prepared for you.
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I agree with Mrs_MP3. No need to worry urself with all the extra things. To each its own but they supply everything. I jus have the babies lotion cause I like a certain brand a go home outfit and a outfit for her pics they take.
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Lol..half the things u wont need, thats if u even really open your bags. Recommend only bring small bag inside w/u. camera, batteries, charger, list of names an # for partner to contact. Partner snacks. slipper socks, light robe. partner swimming shorts if u plan on being in shower during labor, hard candies to suck on. After u get to postpartum rm then bring other small bag, tooth brush, shamp,cond, makeup..lol. chg of clothes that u cld fit around 6 mon. baby 2 outfits, binki, blanket, receiving blanket, socks, hat, mittens.babies tend to scratch face sometimes nails are long. Good luck
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chap stick
Gown (hate the hospital one)
Outfit to wear home (2nd trimester size)
breastfeeding braw, pads and lotion
Snacks for after labor

Outfit for pictures

hospital will supply the rest
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Don't forget the phone charger. You and your partner will be calling a lot of people to tell them the good new and maybe using your phone as your camera and it will die quickly. And batteries for actual camera
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thank you am now nearing 35 weeks and still need to pack my bag lol I think I done the baby's bag tho
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My hospital provides everything for baby. I only take an outfit car seat to come home in. The hospital gives u the diapers they use or open n wipes. They have binkies. But you could take you own. My boys wouldn't use the hospital one. Then you just need stuff for mom. All shower stuff clothes. My hospital provides pads n things as well. I don't take a mess load of stuff bc as I said my hospital provides mostly what you need.
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it's a bit different here in the UK they not as willing to help as much so I pack a few bits but I didn't go mad purely because I don't want two massive bags
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