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How do I announce my pregnancy on social media?

I'm kind of a private person and only friend family and friends from high school or college on my Facebook page but I'll never share intimate details of my life so it seems ridiculous to want to share my pregnancy with others.
This is my first pregnancy though and it's exciting for me and I'd like for my close friends and family to know and be a part of it but at the same time, a lot of them don't know that my husband and I are in the middle of a divorce, I've since moved away, and met someone new, and now I'm pregnant by the new man in my life.
What's the best way to share the news and how do I avoid having to correct people congratulating me and my soon to be ex-husband on my pregnancy? I'm stumped. Should I just rip off that band-aid and share everything??
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Well,  I think you just say it.  This isn't like something that's going to "go away",  this is your life now.

Something like,  "lots of changes have happened this year.  As many of you know,  Bozo and I are divorcing (might be nicer to wait until you can say "divorced") and I've met a spectacular man and we're expecting our first child on _____.

Anyone who  doesn't know this,   isn't really all that close to you at all so maybe you can just send out a newsy Christmas card to your acquaintances.
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Maybe post a pic of you and the father of the baby holding a pair of baby shoes or a baby onsie. And maybe you can also have a picture of your left hand without your ring on (I'm pretty sure you're not wearing it anyways). You don't have to go into great detail of why you're divorcing, but that way the people can see that the father is not your ex and you are no longer married or about to be no longer married to him. Good luck.
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I would share the move first. Let people ask about that. Then in about a month spring the pregnancy. By then most of the people that really matter and are close to you will probably already know about the pregnancy, but the people you're not so close to will have time to figure out that you and your ex split. Post a couple pics of your new guy. That will help speed things along. Good luck.
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How far along are you? This is our second and we didn't even tell family until 3 months (mostly because that is when miscarriage risks drop drastically.) Maybe change your relationship status first? I do like both of the ideas above! We announced on Facebook with a picture of our daughter and pumpkins that said "big sister" & "August 2015", but this is our second child together. You could do a Christmasy picture.
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Lol. I meant April! August was when our first was due.
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I'm really private but and 29wks I had to do it I made a pic collageWith me and her 4d sono pic that said chillin with my main chick And #3 is a she
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I posted a photo of a bun in an oven and I wrote "Guess what"
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I used the picture on my profile to announce. If you don't make some type of connection between your new man and the one you're divorcing they will automatically assume that you're having a baby with your soon to be ex. Doesn't matter how you do it, people WILL put 2 and 2 together and figure out you got pregnant before your divorce was final- and they will inevitably talk. Screw the haters- you have a right to be excited. Do whatever makes you happy :-)

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