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Hi guys! Well i've posted a few times, but don't really feel i know anyone properly, so thought maybe we could all introduce ourselves here?

I'm Cat from England, 25 years old and my first child is due 11th Feb 2014 (im currently 8 weeks pregnant)

I have a lovely house-trained husband, a big german shepherd/lab dog and a little ginger cat. Im really into healthy eating and exercise, though my nausea and fatigue is majorly sabotaging that at the moment! I also love reading and comedy.

I work full time with adults with learning disabilities, and depend completely on God to provide the skills to do it, because it is challenging work! But He always provides and it is a real blessing to see God in action every day:-)

I'd love to hear about all of you....
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Well My name is Mercedes I live in California Im a Ftm im 23 will b 24 next month on the 14th Im also due next month on the 16th no husband no boyfriend just a single mother doing it all by myself Im living with my mom.until I go back to Las vegas Im having a girl and I love singing and creating and fixing things
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Hi Mercedes! Wow, b-day and d-day so close haha! I hope it all goes smoothly. I really admire you raising a child independently, i bet you are going to be a great mum to your little girl.

Calafornia and vegas are two places i would love to go. I have relatives in Georgia, so not impossible i guess!
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Hey Ladies, I'm Amy which is pretty obvious lol. I'm 26 and pregnant with baby #3. My son will be 4 July 30th and my daughter will be 1 July 31st.
This pregnancy was planned, but wasnt at the same time. We wanted a 3rd just didn't expect it to happen so fast. I'm due Dec 20 but will have my c section Dec 13.

I've been a member and community leader here for a little while now  I came here originally looking for support when I was having my miscarriages.

I've been with my fiancé 5 years now but we've been good friends for 9 years. I currently work part time (at a maternity store) kids are too young to get anything full time and have to pay for daycare.
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Hi my name is Adriana I'm a 22 ftm married almost 2 years now been with hubby almost 5 in August. We are expecting a baby boy 8/7 maybe sooner. 35 weeka 3 days preggo.

I'm into reading, pintrest, dexter and comedies.
I currently work full time I have 9 working days left before my maternity leave. ;)
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Hey!  I am Tiffanie, 26 yrs old and ftm.  Baby girl is due September 22.  Two days before my birthday.  I have been with my husband since Junior year in high school.  Married for five years in August.   I love doing crafts and currently working on centerpieces for a wedding.  Cant wait to make costumes and crafts with my daughter.  I work part time at our local high school in the nurses office.  Hope to be fulltime in the next year.
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Hi Im Tiffany, as well, lol! Im 34, but honestly act much younger because I teach phys ed for a small Catholic school, and I'm always around my students. Going on 15 yrs married, been together since I was 16. Cant go a day without him still, so thats good. And being Catholic, we've got #5 on the way 2 boys, 2 girls and this one's a girl Nov 14th (ish).  Oldest is 14 this month and all of them are super excited for the baby.
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Hi I'm Cory.  I'm 28 and a ftm due november 12th. My husband and I just celebrated our 1st anniversary and we just found out we are having a girl!

I live on the western slope of Colorado and am a part time professor of English at the local university. Looking forward to meeting you all.
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Helli ladies. My name ia Bruna...i know its a bit different. Im 26 and im on my second baby, i had my son april 2012 and this baby is due nov 16. Im nervous about it but my husband is coming around we were going through some issues but all seems well now. I live in florida and its pretty frickin hot this summer. Good luck to all
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Hi everyone! My name is Audrey. I'm 24 and a ftm @ 34 weeks with a little boy! Married to a Marine for 8 years but we've been together for 10! We live in South Carolina for now. I just stopped working because it hurts so much to be walking for 8 hrs a day.
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Hi. My name is Sofronia. I am 28 years old, and expecting my baby boy in October :) I've been married for 5 years to the day, and met my husband in college. I work full time as a supervisor at a local drug store.
Wishing luck to all the mommies!
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My name is Shasta. I have 4 boys and am currently expecting a girl. I'm 29. And am currently 24 weeks. I've been on bed rest since 19 weeks. I homeschool my kids. And am getting my certificate in child birth education.
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Hi everyone. My name is Carly. I am 30 years old and expecting my second baby. It's a little boy. I have a daughter who will be 3 in November. My husband and I have been together 4 years and almost married 3. I am a stay at home mom, was working part time bartending but was too much this time around. I am due Aug 9 but I'm hoping he comes a little sooner as this pregnancy is so different than my first.
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Hi! Im Amanda...i just turned 25... and im currently pregnant with baby boy no. Three...due in november! My oldest son is 3.5 and my youngest son just turned two! I live in a very small town in eastern colorado with my wonderful hubby! I am a stay at home mom and currently in school to persue a nursing degree:-)
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Hi everyone! I am Anita. I'm 35, married to an amazing man. We got married last august. Conaideri.g we weren't exactly spring chickens anymore we decides to try starting a family right away. Got pregnant right after the honeymoon, but miscarried around 6 weeks. Gave myself a month to heal ans tried again. Baby stuck. Had ups n downs physically this entire pregnancy bit in the end zone..we are in a suburb of Seattle. I wasn't expecting to get pregnant so fast considering my age so I was in process of starting my own business when we got pregnant. I am a busines and marketing consultant. I focus with small businesses and non profits. also am an active musician and play in the local community band.
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Hiya ladies. I'm Jen and will be 32 later this month. I'm from the UK. I'm going in Monday to have baby number two which is a boy. My daughter is 4 in august :-). I work 4 days a week when I'm at work and currently enjoying my last few days of holiday before maternity leave starts on Monday. I'm taking a full year off which feels fab :-)
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Hi I'm Stephanie! I'm 27 and live in Utah, I'm due January 15 with baby #2.
I have an 8 yr old son who is amazing and super smart. He is excited to be a big brother. Been with my husband 9.5 yrs married almost 4 yrs.
I had my son at 19 so I had to get a job and work hard to give him everything, my husband works 60 hour weeks to support us and pay the big bills. We always said only 1, but last Oct decided we could afford and finally had time for another one.
I'm hoping girl, my husband hopes boy, and my son changes his mind daily. The Dr and everyone else says we are starting over with baby #2 and it will be like we have two only children.
As of now my son is also the only grandchild  until Oct when my brother and his wife have a little girl.
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Hi girls
Im Stephanie 31 years old and this is my second child! Im engaged to an amazing man! My first son is 9 years old. I live in southern Oregon, a stay at home mom and im due September 27th! 83 days to go!
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Oo I was just reading other posts and forgot to put where I'm from. I'm from Vancouver British Columbia Canada
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Hi All,

I have never posted on here before, but since I downloaded the I'm Expexting App 2 weeks ago have found all your questions and comments very helpful. I am currently 7 weeks 2 days, due Feb. 21st. This will be #3, my sons are currently 6 & 7 though, so it's been a while and this pregnancy is completely different already. I am 26 and have been with my boyfriend for 5 (6 in September) years. I live on Ontario, Canada, and am currently working full time as PSW in a LTCF.  
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Shoot! I forgot to put where I was from too. Knew something didnt look right :/
East Aurora- Colorado
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Hi girls! Im Bea from Southern Ca, im a 28 year old FTM. I've been with my fella for 7 years and he is the salt of the earth, i absolutely adore him. We started trying to concieve for 2 years and finally got pregnant in feb, i miscarried but got pregnant again in march so we are truly blessed. Im playing susie homemaker but being domestic for the past 2 years has lost its romance lol, so im currently looking for a job to keep my brain functioning and of course to save for our little one who is due 12/23/13.
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Carly, we are kinda neighbors. Nice to see someone on here so close by.
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Hi my name is Paula and just found this forums :) I'm 13 weeks tomorrow with my 4th pregnacy. I have a son whose 3 a daughter whose 2 and our other daughter we delivered at 18 weeks 12/11 after finding out we lost her.  
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Oh I forgot to put.. I'm 26 from Indiana n have been married for almost 4 years and with my husband for 7 years :)
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