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Is my due date wrong?

I found out I was pregnant 09/07/2014 and am so excited! But when I calculated the due date by my last "period", it seems off. And the reason why I say "period" is because it wasn't a normal one. It started right on the date it should, but it was lighter and only 2 days long. The first day was a light flow and the second day was a slightly heavier flow, but then I was just spotting for 4 days. I told the OB's secretary on the phone this when I was making an appointment, but she said it doesn't matter because that's a period. But that didn't make sense! My boyfriend and I had sex on July 28th (2 days before I ovulated), my "period" was August 14-15th and the secretary told me that my appointment is on Oct. 29th which is supposedly when I'll be 10 weeks. But actually that will make it  13-14 weeks based on the data I've posted above. And honestly, I don't want to wait that long! Haha I want to make sure I have a healthy baby and know when I'm due. What should I do? I'm thinking of going to an OB that my friend had instead that she really liked.
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Your spotting may have been the plantation period. But when you get your first ultrasound they will go based off measurements to get a better accurate estimated due date for you. Congratulations!
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I had my first ultrasound at 2 hat I thought was 8 weeks but they measured the babies and it was 6 weeks 6 days which was more in line with when I ovulated. They go with the ultrasound due date as your due date. The lmp is just an estimate to base your appt off of because they don't know with 100 percent certainty the day you ovulated.
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Thank you! I'm really excited because this is my first one =). I'm hoping that if/when I cancel my appointment with the first doctor and make one with the OB my friend suggested that I'll be able to get in sooner. *crosses fingers*
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That's a good point. But I know when I ovulated, so shouldn't they take that into account? Even if I'm off on this, I still want to know because I hate being in the dark =/
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If you're switching docs, I'd make the new appt before canceling just in case the new office can't get you in quickly. Good luck. My edd had always been about a week different than my lmp. Example: according to lmp my edd would be 11/18... u/s date read 11/24. My doc goes by u/s. Congrats! :-)
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I got pregnant July 28 and my due date is 4/20 I'm 9 weeks now
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