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Kidney stones? Can I have my epidural now?

Sorry if this is not typed super well, I'm typing while crying, curled up in the fetal position. I'm 24 weeks and have had a horrible spot of pain in my mid back since saturday. Tuesday at I had to leave work and go to the ER. The Er sent me up to labor&delivery because of being "so far" along. They took a urine sample and started monitoring baby. Now I told them baby was fine, moving plenty the whole time despite my pain, and I'd had no unusual discharge blood or otherwise. But they determined I wasn't in labor (was never worried that I was), that baby was fine (again never worried that she wasn't, other than from my stress level), and that I was dehydrated with glucose in my urine but no infection or blood. They gave me some IV fluids, a pain shot (that only took the edge off) and sent me on my way with the direction to follow up with my Dr...

Now this pain is intense. One spot just right of my spine, mid back. It's not sore to the touch, but when the nurse gently pounded her first around my back it felt like she was stabbing me all the way through when she got over that one spot. Anyways, called my Dr. first thing in the morning (8:05 a.m.) and they called me back at 4 p.m. Nurse talked to me about the symptoms and said it might just be muscle/ligament pain or kidney stones. She told me to take Tylenol and they would check me out at my next appointment, next TUESDAY morning. (they did offer an emergency spot for me today/thursday but it was during class that I couldn't miss even though it meant that I was sitting there in tears during the test). She told me if it got too bad to go back to the ER.

Anyways. tylenol isn't touching the pain. I've been drinking stupid amounts of water so that I'm not dehydrated and to help move anything that might be in my kidney. I don't want to be sent back to the ER and L&D just to get a weak pain shot and to be sent back home. :( What do I do?

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I feel your pain! With my first baby I kept getting this horrible pain in my back...they thought it was kidney stones but the pain kept coming back. It hurt so bad they admitted me to the hospital. The doctor said it was my ureter going into spasms because the baby kept pressing against it. It was right at 24 weeks when I had the pain. It was worse than my contractions during active labor! Hang in there. Once my stomach got a little bigger and the baby moved the pain was gone. Luckily I haven't experienced it with this pregnancy.
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Were they able to give you anything for the pain?

I've been working but I'm on my feet tnd in front of people at my job and with this I can't stand up straight without being in tears :(      my insurance is through my job, so is most of the money for our bills.... :/    I just don't know what to do :(
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Unfortunately, with kidney stones and pregnancy there's not much they can do except see if it will pass. Call your OB and get checked there. Maybe they will be able to give you something stronger for the pain that's safe for baby. Keep drinking lots of water. Good luck!
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I had kidney stones twice with my current pregnancy. They can do surgery if you are experiencing uncontrollable pain or hudronephrosis (blocked kidney). They also can give you stronger pain pills (most likely vicodon or percocet) to help you manage pain. I had a 6mm stone removed in the first trimester and the baby was/is completely fine. They would make the best decisions on your baby's behalf.
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They did give me something for pain. Since I was out of my 1st trimester they were able to give me something pretty strong.
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