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Mommas with multiple children! Advice!

What's it like having 2+ kiddos? I have a 3 year old son, a 9 month old daughter, and another baby due in mid August.. I'm so nervous about having 3 babies..

How do you juggle work, school (if still attending college/hs), and also have the energy for 3 little energy siphoning bubbies? My boy is a handful! So energetic and wild! My girl is the calm one of the two, and who only knows what my third one is going to be like lol. And yes, I'm a single mom, completely. I work and take nursing courses online, so I've got a full plate! I do have a great support system from my parents though, they're amazing..

But how do you wonderwomen mommy's do it and make it look so easy?!! I am going to be breast feeding, baby will sleep in a bassinet, but my baby girl sleeps with me still since I do nurse her at night..
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Omg its hard u hv ur hands full im on my 4th what helps is a support team but not easy u just keep moving but u do forget things but this pregnancy im staying home im done traveling and packing the whole houe..gd luck take it easy u will manage
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Hard to say other than you just do it. Baby #4 on the way here. Having a support system is so great! I miss having one (hubby is military). Good luck and I'm sure you will settle into some sort of routine for you and your three little ones :).
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I really feel you on this!! Congrats on your 3rd!! Im on my 3rd as well but my first daughter is 7 and my other daughter is 3.. im very nervous this time around but I couldnt imagine having them be any younger. They fight like crazy but yet they
→ want to help← I was working 2nd shift for a long time and also took care of a elderly couple on the weekends and I missed so much time with my kiddos. My advice to you is spend as much time as you can with them. Chart is a great thing in my life. I reward my kiddos with stars and allowances.  Your kiddos are younger but with your oldest I would suggest starting early and setting up all meals, schedueles for everyone. I forget everything as I have so much to think about my kiddos, husband, and myself. If you work yourself to tired all the time then you wont enjoy it. It took me along time to figure out that my husband is the provider and I need to keep in control of the house and kiddos.. when i havr this baby im staying home thr first year and then going back to school. Babysitters are expensive unless you have family that will help which maybe be something to consider. Every family is different and we all have our limits. But I still work on weekends and I have to have a night ofthe week where I get out for a hour or 2 by myself. You need time to be away to realize what you have. We as mothers get way overwhelmed and at times we want to pull our hair out!! But remember youre not alone and if you ever need someone to talk to I will be here and there are a lot of support on this community. I wish you the best of luck;)
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Baby number 4 on the way here. And I felt like 3 was no harder that two. You're a momma you will get your groove trust me they are your babies you will figure it out. Soon you won't know life with out three kids. Just do your best and make sure you set an hour to yourself each day. Congratulations I know you will do wonders
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Busy busy.  I had three, three years apart.   Miss the busyness of it all.
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