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Morning sickness all day long

I'm 11 weeks and I can't seem to keep food down not even water , I am so hungry but nothing stays down when will this be over?
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Have you tried saltines? You should be coming to an end of your sickness .... if it don't get better in few weeks I'd ask doc
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Another thing to try is small amounts of something sour. Like salt and vinegar chips. Hope you get relief soon.
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I was so sick from weeks 6-12 and lost over 15 pounds and still a few times a week at 13wks 3 days have to take zofran to be able to eat... It works wonders go to your doc and get some you will feel soooooo much better!
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I took zofran as well. It works, I'd all your doctor about it.
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I am 15 weeks and have been sick the entire time.  I agree that Zofran has made things somewhat bareable.  Some other hints are Preggie Pops, lemon drops, ginger ale, small snacks all day,  and most important REST.  I notice my nausea worsens if I am more tired.  Try to stay hydrated...ice cold Gatorade worked for me.  Hang in there...you will find little things that help.  Even if you eat the same thing everyday...it's okay.  Also watch out for dehydration...you can always go to your doctor and get fluids.  It will be okay...take it one day at a time...that's what i am doing.  And keep your eye on the prize...you're going to have a baby:-). Congrats!
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I was the same way. And I was in college having to get up and run so often. I couldn't keep ANYTHING down. At night I could eat a little more but still end up loosing it. Try some ginger candy or gum. Its not too good but it may work. Saltines I couldn't even chew without gaging
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Im not sure when I got better because I still vomit to this day and I'm 31 weeks
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I'm the same way, 14wks and have lost nearly15 pounds, finally starting to gain some and can now eat over  a 1000 calories a day but for nearly 2 months I lived on my bathroom floor. I ended up in the ER twice bc I couldn't even keep a sip of water down and I swear if one more person tells me to nibble on crackers I just might hit them. Everyone is just trying to help but honestly you just have to tough it out. Zofran def helps so you can get some food and most important fluids down so def talk to your Dr about that, and I am so sorry you feel the same I know how awful it is and how wearing it can be on your spirit but keep your head up bc at the end is a beautiful baby. ( And even science claims if your throwing up its a sign of a healthy pregnancy!)
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