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Multiple c-sections

I've had 2 previous c-sections one in 2005 and the second in 2008. I think I could have easily VBAC'd with my 2nd although my doctor didn't discuss the option with me and I was 19 naive and just figured once you had a c-section it was always a c-section.

Anyway my last c-section was over 5 years ago. I just turned 25 and my husband and I both want one more child before I have my tubal ligation done. I am very nervous about another C. My first two went well, I had some significant blood loss, but not enough to negate a transfusion. My heart rate was also over 100 for the first 24 hours after my second. They kept a heart monitor on me but no treatment was needed. I've heard that your risks go up dramatically after the 2nd C-section and I'm terrified of dying and leaving 3 children without a mother.

I've already spoken to my doctor, she sees no issues with a 3rd...even suggested I could have a 4th. I'm very healthy, had smooth pregnancies, no complications what so ever. She said she would be able to clean up any adhesions during the surgery and tie my tubes at the same time. I want another baby, I feel like my family isn't complete yet I'm terrified. What are my realistic risks during my third C? Since it's been 5 years since my last are my risks for complications/ruptures lower?

Thanks in advance.
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I'm pregnant with my 3rd after 2 previous c-sections. I didn't have any severe complications. It took me a little searching to find an ob who was willing to allow me to attempt a vbac after my first c-section. This time was very difficult finding an ob willing to attempt a vba2c. My oldest is 4 yes and my youngest is about to be 2. I've done a lot of research on this subject and the chances of a uterine rupture are slightly higher, but you can have a uterine rupture even with your first pregnancy. If you're not even considering a vba2c, I see no reason you should be worried about a c-section. Most ob's and hospitals will only allow you to have a repeat section if you've had two previously. I've got a ton of great sources, but the best thing you can do for yourself is to do your research. Do not listen to the negative stories and do not rely on only one source. If you really want another child, but are worried, know your options and weigh the risks/benefits of each. Good luck.
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I just had my 3rd c-section and it was my easiest recovery. My doctor told me I'd be fine to have two more babies, she like to stop at 5 C-sections but that's her preference. I saw two different doctors trying to get somebody to let me try a 2vbac but neither were willing. I was pretty upset at the time because with my first two I had a really rough recoveries but it all turned out good.
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