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My furry babies and my 14 week fetus

I'm a mommy of two little Maltese mixes, and right now they're my little loves. Anyone have tips on keeping a balance with dogs and a new baby? I know baby is not due til jan, but it is a worry of mine that I wont be able to show enough love to everyone. They are fairly well behaved doggies, and I doubt I'll have any issues behaviour-wise...but I just want all my bases covered.
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I have heard once baby is born wrap baby in a blanket so babys scent gets on it then have someone take it home to the fur babies before you come home from hospital so they can get use to babys scent, i have had dogs during pregnancy all they wanted to do is be up my butt or if i was sitting they wanted on my lap as close to my belly as i would allow. Fur babies already know you have a baby in there baking! Just watch for any signs of aggressive behavior as you get farther along when loved ones touch your belly or get close(like a hug), if they do become aggressive i would look into some temperament training classes
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If your fur babies were anything like mine they will be right next to you trying to "help" &  will love getting petted or loved on when you are sitting down feeding baby, just rocking baby to sleep etc
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My dogs never had issues adjusting to my kids. They were always right next to me while pregnant and then once the baby was born they wanted nothing to do with me only the baby lol. They were already bonded to the kids from the first time they came home from the hospital. To this day they are always together and my 2&3 year olds can do anything to them and the dogs dont care :)
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I've gotten a lot of comments from friends and family about my dogs being "not a good idea" because they're "gonna make the baby sick". Any thoughts?
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I have never heard of dogs making babies sick! I was so worried about our Alaskan Malamute adjusting when our oldest was born. He was instantly in love with our new baby. I think he knew he was a part of me. No worries Mama!
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They wont make your babies sick. That is silly
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maybe allergy sick but nothing more as long as they use the bathroom outside and everything, I would start using baby lotion when your about 35 weeks so they get used to the smell :)
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thats not true just like people saying "cats steal babies breath" its an old wives tale i personally have 3 cats and am not worried about them and baby at all
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I have 3 coon hounds who live outside. They have had issues with me since I got pregnant only because I can't get down to the pen and work with them like I usually do. In the house I have a 94 lb Australian Shepherd. She has always been closer to me than anyone else. So I was nervous when I brought my current youngest home. I thought I would see jealousy. Instead she was super protective of him. If he cried she would be right there. When he started crawling, I once caught her bathing him like she would a pup. I think she thinks he's hers. Lol They really do adjust.
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