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No embryo seen at 5 weeks, only sac, possible ectopic??

Hi! I am 26 and about 5 weeks pregnant. Start of last period was Nov. 4, 2014.  Had beta testing done on Dec. 11 which was at 132, done again on Dec 15 and it was at 919.  Also had a vaginal ultrasound done on this day and it didn't show anything.  Had beta done again on Dec 17 and it was 2729, vaginal ultrasound done the next day showed only a sac...with no embryo/baby inside.  

Is it normal not to see anything in the sac at this point in the pregnancy (about 5 weeks)? My OB is concerned that is could be ectopic, he believes that with the beta levels increasing he should be able to see something in the sac already.  But then again he also said that since my beta levels keep increasing that doesn't usually indicate an ectopic pregnancy. He is advising me not to get on a plane and travel home for the holidays in case it is ectopic and something happens while im in the air.  So my question is whether or not its normal not to see anything in the sac at this point and whether it would be safe to fly home...and if my OB is just being overly cautious.

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5 weeks is pretty early to see anything in the sac. So not to worry, that is normal. You should be able to see the baby in the next couple weeks. It's safe to fly. I flew when I was 4 weeks. Just don't stress about it ;) you will see your baby soon.
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Since he has seen a sac,  (obviously in your uterus or he would say for sure the pregnancy was ectopic) I wonder why he thinks the baby may be growing outside your uterus?

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No clue, he thinks we should be able to visually confirm the embryo inside the sac by now with where my blood hormone level is at (2729).  But according to him embryo could still be implanted somewhere else even though the sac is where it should be.  He's definitely got me in a panic about all this that's for sure!!
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My doctor seen my baby in the sac at 5 weeks but from what I have read it is not uncommon to not see anything that early so try to not stress on it I know easier said than done but stress is not good for the baby good luck mama
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It can be common. I had the same case with this pregnancy. We were able to see an empty sac at 5 &6 weeks. It was until 7 week that we saw my baby's heart. If the dr is concerned about flying I would follow his directions.
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i had an obliumn pregancy where the sac grew and grew and no baby inside..we did miscarry. my levels we also good but my thyroid was going from high to low levels.....they also told me it might be to small to detect or im not as far as i thought...but i started to bleed that day. good luck and i hope all worka out listen to the doctors....and stay positive! !!
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