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No sex for me

Hi ever since I found out I was pregnant I don't have desire for sex and I feel bad for my husband. M currently 12weeks.  Has anyone experienced the same and how did you get ur mojo back?
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Don't worry about it too much.
This is my second pregnancy, and both times I am completely turned off from sex.
Especially later on. There's nothing sexy to me about feeling your baby move around inside you while having sex lmao

But a lot of women get their mojo back in the second trimester because the symptoms usually go away. Or at least become less severe.
Lol thank u
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For me sex was OK until about 28 weeks. Just thinking about it made me want to throw up. Now, later in pregnancy (37 weeks) I still don't want it. I may get the feeling coming on then I'm like nope nevermind Lol. Its crazy because with our first two I was crazy about it. Like craving cake Lol. But this time I have no want for it.

My poor husband won't be getting any goods until the 3rd weeks of December.  (Getting induced in 1 week)

But it's fine there are other ways to please your mate.
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I'm in the same boat but the great thing is that my husband won't touch me pregnant in fear of hurting the baby so I'm good Lol. Even if I wanted sex he wouldn't go for it still because he says he might hurt me or the baby Lol  
You are so lucky lmao.
I feel bad because my bf gets it maybe once or twice a week. Sometimes going a couple weeks without.
And I'm also turned off with "other ways" too. So I don't even bother. And he knows not to ask. But I feel bad when he asks for sex and I turn him down lmao
Lol same here!! My husband even asked if I still found him attractive.  Like what kind of question is that??

I cannot do any sexual activity with him, and absolutely no oral. So I just..  well you know.. which is actually very boring to me Lol .  Just let him to his thing then roll over Lol.

Knowing we only have a week left, he did a little happy dance..  his ima get some soon dance Lol
I thought my boyfriend was the only one. And I'm only 11 weeks and he thinks it's weird to have sex because I'm pregnant. These men!
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I am exactly the same my partner however has a high sex drive which drives me nuts. I just say later then fall asleep with my son :) seems to do the trick. But recently I've had an infection which he thinks is disgusting (it is) and I make sure I explain the discharge I've been getting and that seems to put him off if I fancy a late night, well anything up to 9pm lol x
Why are men soooo thrown off with the discharge??  Lol
I never had a infection so to speak.  But discharge in pregnancy is oh so normal.  

My husband won't go down on me during pregnancy (with any of our children ) because of it. Which with this pregnancy I'm cool with cause I don't want to be touched.  Still yet.

Tmi but like I really want your nasty baby batter leaking out of me after sex, or any other sexual activity.  (I do not) Lol

Oh my god lmfao baby batter
I think that's one of the reasons I'm so turned off from sex. The clean up afterwards. Its not sexy. And its not fair that they van just roll over and go to bed while you have to roll out of bed, and try to waddle as fast as you can to the bathroom. And the actual clean up grosses me out like no other.
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Thanks ladies it's good to know M not alone.
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Girllll!  I haven't had none in...  6+ months. Mine was more medical.. I bled til 12 weeks,  Dr said when the bleeding stops but I didn't want to take any chances..  I got a little 'mojo ' around 20 weeks but didn't exactly feel like having to talk him into having sex smh lol now I'm 38 weeks & lost the mucous plug and the one thing that helps..  Sex/sperm..  Is totally off the table :( let your man know NOW you need his sperm the last few weeks to thin your cervix lol good luck!  
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I havent had sex since I found out in July that I'm pregnant... Just didn't have the desire. Now at 19 weeks, due to placenta placement my Dr told me no sex at all anyway so at least now I have an excuse lol.
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I can't seem to shake thrush and bacterial vaginosis so I agree the discharge is gross tmi but it's either thick and greenish or lumpy white :( I have just started a second course of antibiotics and thrush treatment so hopefully this time I can shake it. Once she's born I expect my sex drive will return lol
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Put in some effort instead of telling yourself you don't want it, it's all in the mind. Once your there it's all good. I cannot not want to please my husband and same for him to me. Yah sure things change and we don't feel 100% but it's something that you share together. There are so many options to please each other.
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We've not had sex either since we found out I was pregnant in July a week after we got back from honeymoon lol I've suffered badly with sickness since week 6 and it's worse at night, had no desire or energy to even think about what got us in this situation in the first place lol starting to feel better now I'm on decent anti-sickness meds but not enough to go fancying sex lol
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I would have to agree with shaub_1985.  If my husband wants to and I'm not up to it,  there are other ways.  We always want want want and when we are pregnant and want things and to be catered to, we need to keep in mind our partners needs.  
I have not had the problem of being so turned off that it really is an issue and I am 30 weeks.  
We both have needs and both are much better parents and partners when those are met!

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