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Not dilated at 40 weeks

I went to the dr today and she said I am completely closed up. I'm 40 weeks. I haven't had any Braxton hicks and the baby hadn't dropped at all yet:( is this normal? My due date was calculated from my 6 week ultrasound, so could it be wrong or off? I'm just worried about being induced. Has anyone out there had the same situation?
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My first pregnancy was like this. 40 week check up and I was completely closed up also. I started walking and 4 days past my due date I was only 30% effaced and not dilated. I ended up getting induced, but my body took over after they thinned my cervix and I didn't need petocin. I ended up getting to 4 centimeters real fast.
So it's not abnormal? Like maybe my due date was off or something?
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Sometimes babies just don't like to budge! The normal gestation period is between 37-42 weeks.
I was 42 weeks and induced with my first baby.
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Is baby measuring for 40 weeks? I was induced, had some weird balloon to help dilation, and my water broke for me. Labored for 26 hours. You forget the pain when you see baby though. If she has not dropped or is breach, they may just do a c-section. I had both. C-section birthing is easier but the recovery is hard. Vaginally Hurst but recovery is easier. Either way as long as baby is safe and ok, we'll worth the pain.
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I was the same with my son he stayed head up till I started dilating then went head down and started to drop, I went to 40 weeks not dilated and 41 weeks still not my midwife said rasbery tea and it helped me dilate I was at 2 cm didn't help that it was hard to get hold of so still had to be induced as hubby found it 2 day's befor my induce date..Holland and Barrett had it but I wish I had it earlyer as I would have started it at 40 weeks not 41+5
Rasbery tea loose  not hurbel doent work the same
Walking helps
Danceing if you can
Some people say pinapple core is supost to help but I read that a month ago.
Good luck love baby will be hear soon

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