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October Moms!

Anyone else due in October?! What are all you moms experiencing right now?

I am 10 weeks on Tuesday, have really sore breasts and I am constantly sleeping! I haven't been able to stay awake much at all lately and it's been so annoying. I feel so lazy! I am due October 7th and my birthday is October 6th :) Hoping it all goes smooth and I have a little mini me on my day ♡
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October 31st! (90% sure I'm pregnant going to verify tomorrow. I'm either pregnant or crazy. Lol )
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Congrats. . I'm due on oct 13th. Suffering from bad nausea and morning sickness. No appetite but hv to eat for my lil one. This is my first pregnancy:) I have become more choosy about my food::(
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October 18th I'm tired all the time too. I sleep until about 2 in the afternoon and I'm still tired for the rest of the afternoon and night. And it takes me hours to get up to do something.
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I'm due October 6th. I have been really fatigued but over the last week I've been getting my energy back a bit. I find that it's hard to sleep after I get up to pee though. I also have really sore breasts, and my lower back is really sore. I have mild food cravings, too, and I have some food aversions. Congratulations on your pregnancy!
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Im also due october 7 th and my birthday is october 7th ive got sore breasts and always nauseous.  Im super excited and its my first baby.
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Oct 16th! 3rd pregnancy. I'm so tired but can't sleep  sore breasts constantly hungry and if I don't eat almost every hour I get nauseous I'm cramping I have food cravings and I'm super emotional crying over anything happy or sad or just because I can I guess lol not like my previous pregnancies at all!
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Due oct 17 with my first. No 'symptoms' other than being constantly hungry.
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*Due October 27th*  :-) ---- I'm so tired, no matter how much sleep I get, constantly thirsty. Also on ZoFran for nausea because I have that all day, everyday. Also having food aversions to ALL meat  :-( which is odd cuz I love steak. Lol but Im so happy to be preggers Idc <3
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October 17..always tired..no energy..always feel like I'm going to throw up..very moody...and no sex drive..I'm on pelvic rest tho, so I guess that works out!! And I'm showing..this is my third baby!
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I'm also 6 Oct Canadiana! Ive been getting bad night sickness but things have settled in the last few days. Feeling really tired but apart from that quite ok. All of a sudden Im really sensitive to smells cigarette smoke will make me heave instantly. Some foods taste so amazingly good like they have never tasted before, cheese on toast, strawberries & subway white choc maccadamia cookies omg they all taste like heaven! Constipation is our new enemy ladies so make sure you eat well & drink heaps of water. Saw midwife today 12 week scan booked I can't wait!!
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October 16th. I have constant nausea all day. I'm exhausted all the time. Wish I could sleep all day but I work 12 hour days. I'm also in the middle of moving cross country for a promotion.
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Due October 10th, this is our 2nd pregnancy and I'm having horrible nausea and vomiting which i did with my daughter as well. I'm also shocked that i feel like I'm already starting to look pregnant!  And my boobs are ginormous... can't wait for the first trimester to be done :^)
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I'm due on the 14th :) ... baby #1 .... no morning sickness, tender boobs, a little nausea, very tired, and I've been sick with a cold and unable to take any medicine. I tracked down some echinacea which is apparently safe for mums to be and helps boost immune system. My inlaws are visiting fron the uk and I feel usless and lazy because all I want to do is sleep!
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I'm due Oct 23rd. Been feeling ok, occasional nausea, headache and fatigue. My breasts have been the worst throughout so far, always sore. Had my first ultrasound yesterday. It was amazing to see and hear the heartbeat. I had tears in my eyes*
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I'm due Oct 14th with our first. Hopefully it's a schedule C section due to ivf and health reasons.  Hubby birthday the 7th great birthday gift. Fatigue,  sleepiness and always tired.
On zofran for nausea. So excited but ready for these SYMPTOMS to Go Away To start enjoying this pregnancy.  As this may be our only one.

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My due date is October 31st! Symptoms aren't too bad, slight nausea sometimes, but I'm SO tired all the time. And hungry. I'm trying to eat small and healthy all day so I don't just stuff my face with bad stuff lol. Congratulations ladies!
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Congratulations to all of you mommies!! So happy everyone is so excited, such an amazing experience so far! I am so excited for everything to come but really scared too. I'm a big baby with pain and needles so I'm nervous to see how everything goes but damn happy I can finally say I'm pregnant ♡
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October 12th...feeling better this week like Im in the clear. For a month I had really bad constipation, excessive nausea all day, sore breasts, and fatigue. Now I'm just extremely tired all the time. I could sleep for days. I still have sore breasts from time to time but try to wear a sports bra or no bra at home to help the tenderness relax. 12wk appt in 2 1/2 weeks.
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Glad you're feeling better! The constipation is he'll even with the fiber pills and everything else, it's not fun and the being exhausted constantly is hard but I'm enjoying all the time to sleep. Hope you are too :) I do the same thing bra wise and it's been helping. Good luck with your appointment! My next one is in a week and I can't wait.
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Due October 9th, I'm experiencing sore boobs, EXTREME fatigue, the nausea has died down. For the most part I'm extremely sleepy all the time. I can barely keep my eyes open.
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Just curious, because if I am pregnant, I'd be due around Oct 25th...did any of you guys experience implantation bleeding, and then have really heavy clear/white cervical mucus roughly weeks 4-6? I did, and then dried up mostly, now it's week 8 and it's getting a little messy again.
I also have only gotten negative HPTs, and I'm just weirded out because I've never been more then 4 days late, or had these sorts of feelings before.
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My sore boobs have just gotten worse, hoping they get better soon! And I'm right there with you, can barely keep my eyes open.

I thought I got my period but I just had a real tiny amount of blood and I had a lot of the clear gooey discharge. I found out at a Planned Parenthood and my at home confirmed it but that was at 6 weeks. Some of my friends didn't show in an at HPT for 8 to 9 weeks. Go see a Dr!
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I'm due 10/28...which seems like an eternity away. I've been in bed for two weeks now. I can't sleep at night, constantly pee'n, my breast hurt bad, lower back pain, nausea, fatigue, diarrhea and constipated.  I have no ambition to do anything which is so unlike me. I can't cook cus every smell turns me green. I went to the er today and found out I have an ovarian cyst so we'll see what that leads too when I see my dr. This is my third child my kids are 15 and 13 so it's a huge gap and I so can't remember feeling this bad with them. Maybe it's my age. I just hope I can sleep tonight, I'm exhausted.
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I'm due October 31st and so far only find myself having really sore breasts and I have started to actually eat breakfast, which a meal fully left out by me in the past.Does anyone know if there is an option to fallow posts on here?
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