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Ovulation question

So, I know for sure that I am pregnant, but I'm wondering which day I ovulated, so I can pinpoint my due date. I was using the Clear Blue digital OPK, and it says it's supposed to be positive two days in a row. Well, I started using the test on August 2nd, which was cycle day 10 for me. I didn't get a positive until August 12th, cycle day 20. (I'm breastfeeding my 14 month old so I ovulated late.) So, I only got the one positive on CD 20, and the next day it was negative. Do you think I ovulated on August 11, 12, or 13? (11th - neg, 12th - pos, 13th, neg.) I took them at the same time each day. For what it's worth, we had sex at 12:45am on "Monday night" August 10th, but it was technically Tuesday the 11th.

Additionally, I had negative pregnancy tests on the 19th and 21st, and positives on the 22nd, 23rd, 24th, and 25th.
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Hi there you will not know for sure when you exactly ovulated you can count your due date by your last Menstual Cycle and when you go to your first prenatal appointment they'll give you an exact due date by measuring the baby from crown to rump. Hope this helps &Congratulations it's truly a blessing:)
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Your doc will just use your first day of your last period. Ovulation is not the best for deciding when you because pregnant as sperm can live for a few days.
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I want to pinpoint my due date in case I go overdue like I did in my last pregnancy. My first child was born at 41 weeks 6 days, thankfully I went into labor the day before my induction date.

Because I'm breastfeeding I ovulated late, and instead of my due date being 4/29/16 I think it should be somewhere between 5/3-5/16. Even one day counts, and I want to avoid a possible induction based on my LMP.
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Did you have regular cycles? I had 6 week cycles when I got pregnant with number 2 (because of breastfeeding). Your LMP due date gets adjusted for longer cycles (google it, some sites have a spot to input cycle length when calculating a due date). Then see if it matches up. (my midwife always just puts the latest possible due date to avoid any pressure at the end, so why not just pick the latest one if you're worried and give a different LMP? You know your body better than a random doctor and there's no reason to be tied down to hospital beauracracy for no reason)

An 8 or 9 week dating scan would probably be the most accurate way to calculate a due date though in your situation.

And I was also late with my first at 41+4 but my second came on the due date :)
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