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My mom told me I should get a pertussis vaccination before I have the baby. Has anyone else done this??
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That is something you should have for sure. I did see in the news the other day that whooping cough is on the rise. Probaly due to the people who do not vaccinate their kids. Also the effects of the shot do ware off and it does require a booster. Whooping cough is very serious and can kill.  Not looking forward to all the blood work myself.... Good luck.
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I have the option of getting one after. That was the only thing the blood test showed no antibodies for.how likely it is that you will get measles?
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I got it rather be safe than sorry, I had it after I had my sons !!!! U never kno if ur guna come in contact with somebody that has it
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Pertussis isn't the measles its whooping cough and it can kill the baby. if you get the vaccine before you have the baby you will pass on some of the antibodies to the baby is what i was told
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I had the shot the day after I gave birth b4 I was discharged its definitely something u wanna do
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If you breast feed you will transfer the antibodies to the baby. I would get it in the hospital after you have the baby (some vaccines have chemicals to stabilize them that you don't want to expose the baby to if you can help it).

They usually give you the vaccine in a tetnus shot. They also give it to babies, but in a different form that is weaker and given over three visits. My pediatrician said anyone that will watch the baby (Dad, grandma, etc) should get it ASAP.
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You probably already got it. They usually combine it this the tetnuis vaccine and they are good for ten years.
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Im going to have to get is as in my village alone we have had 35 cases of whopping cough including my bff and her kids which im around all the time i wasnt preg when the had it but its still got lots of ppl to go through round here so im going to be safe rather than sorry
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In UK you get it at between 28 weeks and 38 weeks so there's enough time to get the antibodies into the babies system. I'm currently recovering from whopping cough and too early for injection. I'll still be given the injection at my 28 week appointment.
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Forgot to say that Dr also said baby was fine and I won't be contagious by the time baby is born so I won't be able to pass it on. Injection will protect baby for first 2 months until they get to have their own injection. I'd recommend getting the injection because its a really nasty thing to have and no fun at all!!
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I live in texas never even thought about it :o my next dr appt is the 25th ill be sure to ask my dr about it :' ill be 25 weeks shes always like ugh you beat me to it when it comes to discussing things :p
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