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Possible Abcessed Tooth while Pregnant

I am currently 6 months pregnant and I have been putting off dental work for the entire six months... I am concerned the tooth I have been ignoring is becoming abcessed (?spelling)... I am also worried about waiting till after the baby is born because I plan on breastfeeding... I am concerned about both the affects this could have on the baby and also the possible problems I could have if I ignore this tooth problem any longer... Please help me!

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you must see a dentist and now.  if there is infection it can cause more problems even i have read problems with labor or preterm.  dental work can safely be done during pregnancy.  do not wait it out, you need to get it taken care of now.  dont worry, they wont do anything that would hurt the baby. your ob will let them know its ok and what meds you can take.
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I strongly agree w/perty.  Good dental health is important during pregnancy.  
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Yes, you need to see a dentist NOW!! Preferably before the 3rd trimester starts. If the tooth gets infected it can get into your blood and have a bad effect on the baby. I've had dental work through this pregnancy, even had a tooth pulled, and am fine at 27wks.
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i feel better hearing you say that i have had 3 abcessed teeth and had to have them surgically removed but this one is giving me grief and every 1 is teeling me sumthing diffrent my obgyn called in tylenol 3 and darvocet even lortab but no freaking anti biotic i am very worried about my baby now im 20 weeks pregnant
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I had an absessed tooth- you could be sure b/c of the pain!  It was the worst pain I have ever had- throbbing and unrelenting. I took the Tylenol 3 w/ little relief and I believe an antibiotic. Not only do you not want the infection spreading, but local (ex. Novacaine) is fine for you to get. You will have to wait to clear the infection before they'll do any long term work though.
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Im pregnant and i just had my tooth pulled and it was abcessed and the pain is more intense cause u dont know what to take but the dentist numb my gums and pulled my tooth and gave me some pain medicine to take if i need it so far i dont and i am still taking my antibiotics so they can pull it but u  need to see a dentist now cause u can harm the baby by putting off and abcessed tooth and not treating it U NEED TREATMENT NOW im not trying to scare u but u will feel better
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