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Postpartum depression?

First of all, I don't want any judgements.  We all go through things at some point in life. I have a 14 month son and a 5 weeks daughter. I feel so alone.  I don't get a lot of help from my hubby but because he works a lot,  I'm not close to my mother and have like two friends that text sometime and other times, just feel like I'm talking by myself because wouldn't text back.  I don't go out,  just school, I feel like I don't know I'm all the place. I constantly worry about her, can hardly sleep, got cramps. I feel like it has no end.  
Please share your experience, if anyone has dealt with postpartum depression.  Thanks in advance
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Hi hun im going  through  something  similar with the lack of help from hubby as he works and also home bound  and constant worrying. I got twins  they are 4weeks now. However in not letting it get the better of me.
I did get it really bad with my  son 4yrs ago after his birth and i can tell you the depression didnt last long as i kept myself busy. But the anxiety  n worrying came back in full force after couple  of years. You should definitely speak to someone if you think you have post partum despression. You shouldnt have to deal with it alone.
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Tell your doctor asap. Your doctor can provide guidance on and resources for dealing with PPD. Don't worry about people judging you, do what you need to do to get better.  
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Please don't ignore it!! I did for nine months because I'm a mental health professional and thought I should be able to fix it myself. I couldn't. It was wrecking my job and my marriage with extreme irritability, mood swings, and I even started getting somatic symptoms. I finally talked to my doctor and started on Celexa and I felt like an entirely new person. I wanted to wait until I weaned my son the first time, this time I plan to request a breastfeeding compatible antidepressant (I believe Zoloft is often prescribed) at my six week appointment so that I have it in case I get PPD again. As someone who works doing therapeutic texhniques with people with depression daily, I strongly believe PPD is chemical and/or hormonal and requires medicinal intervention.
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*techniques. And also wanted to add, it is NOTHING to be ashamed of. It can happen to anyone. <3
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Sounds like you could use some help. Speak to your doctor and see if he can get a community nurse to visit twice a week (not sure if they do that where you live). They can check on you and your daughter, tidy up a little and give a bit of human contact.

If you've got the money you could hire a nanny for a few hours at a time, maybe twice a week, to let you catch up on sleep.

And is it possible to text your friends and mum something like "hey, I'm not sure who else to ask, but I'm struggling with my new baby, would you be able to drop over for a few hours on a Thursday for the next 4 weeks until I get a little more established - not sure what I'll need you for until the day - I might just want a chat and cup of tea to feel sane, might need you to take kids for a walk while I have a quick nap but I'd really appreciate it if you could manage a few hours a week just for a short time"

or something similar...
Your friends and mum obviously don't sound that close to you (not sure if you meant your mum is not close emotionally or locationally) but you need to use whoever is around you and they might step up to the plate if they know you really need help. It's important to be specific as a line like "it's really hard today" or "I'm struggling" is too vague for people to know what to do and they don't know how to respond. I found direct requests got answered much better when I needed help.

Another helpful thing I used after my last birth was a local playgroup... My son could play and I just looked after the baby. It wasn't amazing socially but it got me out of the house and occasionally chatting to other people. (not sure if you meant you do this already by "I don't go out, just school"...
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i went through it too after I had my now 16-month-old baby boy.  Our relationship was crappy when I found out I was pregnant so I think it may have amplified my feelings after giving birth. He didn't help me much n was unemployed. I had to cut my maternity leave a few weeks short to go back and work. I don't know how I got through it. I think working n keeping myself busy helped. I hope u find the help you need.
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