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Pregnancy, or illness?

Hello all,

I'm not quite sure what's going on with me... My periods are very irregular usually, which makes this all the more confusing. I usually get them every other month, occasionally on the right track. So far, I got a period consistently April through June of this year. They are ALWAYS heavy, always extremely crampy, PMSing, etc. I basically live on ibuprofen and a heating pad for a week.

At any rate, in mid July, I was surprised one day to go to the bathroom and find brownish spotting on my underwear. I thought, "Okay, my period's about to start," but not so. No cramps as warning, no pains, nothing. It lasted three days, never even enough to put in a tampon. Light brown to pink, never red. It went away, and then inexplicably, about three days later, I got it again. Still, no pain, just a mild 'fluttering' sensation every now and again, and occasionally a light cramp. This lasted for nearly two weeks, and was still never enough to fill a tampon or a pad. I mainly only noticed when I wiped. The length concerned me, but I wasn't in pain, so I thought maybe it was just a weird period. Near the end, the bleeding was still brown/rust colored, but got a little darker. At no point did it ever look/feel like a full period, but just to be sure, I took a HPT after it was over, and got a negative. I didn't think anything more of it.

Yesterday, I was going to the bathroom and when I wiped, I saw white discharge and more of the light brownish discharge. I was utterly flabbergasted, and looked down in my underwear to find two pea-sized stains. I kept an eye on it during the day, but it seemed to only last the one day, and hasn't come back since. It was really only around for a couple of hours. I have had light cramping for the past several days (nothing uncomfortable or painful), but I had initially pinned that on the constipation I've been having. I have no breast soreness/tenderness, but I have noticed I've been a bit moodier/emotional than usual (I'm sure my husband has too, lol), and I've had some inexplicable migraines, a dizzy spell, and a couple VERY slight bouts of nausea... but I blamed most of those issues on the heat. It's Georgia in the summer... I'm Scandinavian by heritage... we don't mix well.

Tonight, I have been noticing a slight cramping/pulling sensation in my lower right side, diagonal to my belly button, which has spurred me to seek out others who might have experienced the same. I'm worried that this could be something severe, like a cyst or fibroid, or it could be that I'm pregnant. Helpful advice is sincerely appreciated!    
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Not sure if ur trying to convince but I don't think your pregnant. Just that ur body is irregular n it's doing something weird. But pregnancy test was negative n u did bleed when u were due for ur period. So I really think ur not pregnant. The symptoms might just be cause ur thinking that there is a chance. But it's in ur head. I've done that b4. Just me hoping that I would be pregnant n once I got my period n I knew I wasn't I no longer had symptoms.  But I would get checked cuz it may be that u have cyst or something else.
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Could be either. You could try another hpt, the first may have been too early. If this one is also neg, and you're concerned about the symptoms, make an appointment with a doctor. If nothing else, they can at least ease your mind. But it could actually be something. Irregular periods can be a symptom of pcos.

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