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Pregnant so soon after first Depo shot?

Hello any and all who may be willing to help. I'm a 25 year old newlywed with a burning question. Thursday (October 10) I was given the surprise of a lifetime when I went into my primary for one problem and walked out with another.

I had been placed on the Depo-Provera shot the same day I had miscarried my (now) second child. I was only around 9 weeks along (both times) so despite being devastated I had for some time expected that might be the end result. Malnourished and experiencing pretty terrible after effects as a result of a Paragard (non-hormonal) IUD installed two years prior, I was informed by my ob/gyn that my most recent miscarriage may make TTC more difficult until my womb had rebounded from all the trauma. We agreed then on a new form of BC that I'd never tried before. All hormonal forms of BC were a no-no for me for so long, which is why in spite of the bad side effects I kept the IUD in for so long in the first place. But there were some perks to the Depo that I found might help ease me into healthier living, exercise, weight gain, and most importantly a thick hormonal barrier to keep "the boys" out and my womb better able to recover.

The weekend of September 20th I miscarried, went in for an exam on the 23rd (Depo same day). Now we waited a day or two then the husband and I were in the clear to "get it on" once again. We've never used protection due solely to the fact that we're strictly monogamous, we didn't think there would be any scares to come because I was told by my physician that it might take a while to conceive even AFTER the Depo was gone. Then lo and behold barely four weeks into the new BC, I take a urine test (for other issues I've been going through) and my primary returns to tell me that I'm not sick, I'm pregnant!

Who? ME?! Was exactly the look on my face.

I felt like a medical anomaly. Like it can't be my turn again. But apparently it is and I'm nervous/happy/scared and left with a lot of questions. So, can this be? Is this possible? And when I ask that I more or less mean, could it still be the left-behinds of the last pregnancy? I did have a followup and my ob/gyn said I was all cleared out. And if it is so, how close to the end of September's pregnancy would I have to have been to conceive again? The dates and numbers alone boggle my ever-loving mind! The doctor speculates that I'm only a week or two in. How can I narrow this down to the day? My past pregnancies never made it far enough for much in depth dating/charting to take place. I feel so clueless and I need the insight some of you ladies may have for me in this terrifying time.
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Woah, thats a story!
Firstly, I want to say to HELL with the paraguard iud! I had that thing in and it caused me nothing but problems so I had to have it removed less than one year after having it in. They tried to remove it...couldn't...tried AGAIN...nope. so they they tried 10 times,with ultrasound and still couldn't. Blood everywhere. Im exhausted,doctors are too. 3 of them tried. So then they inform me that now I have to have it removed,there's no going back and it must be done surgically. So I have it removed surgically, knowing that hubs and I would be ttc soon. They told me my uterus had undergone such trauma that it wwouldn't happen for a few mths.
WRONG. the NEXT month I was pregnant and 9 mths later gave birth to my son...9lbs 5oz,22inches long.
Anyway, I totally feel you there.

But I had a m/c before and I tested positive for 3 weeks. They told me to expect that. But if you had a follow up and they said all was ok then Id go with that. You could very well have a miracle baby on your hands!

But this is one of those "time will tell" situations,isnt it? Ultrasound would confirm. You can keep testing at home,too, residual would eventually go away.

I am holding the highest hopes for your situation. Wishing you much luck,love and baby dust! <3

Btw, are you like a writer or something? your story was well written and kept me reading! Lol
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Urgh, the more I hear about that blasted Paragard IUD the more I loathe it. Thing sounded like a dream at the time I got it put in, turned out to be a nightmare and a half!

Congratulations for your little bundled blessing! It goes to show that certain docs just can't predict the human body and it's ability to make a baby no matter the circumstance.

I hope too that in time I'll be able to get some clarity on this. It's baffled me these last couple days. I did an EPT test (the +/- variety) and got back to back positives. Happy, but confused nevertheless. I hope that when I'm further along, I'll be able to get an ultrasound to figure this out. Being roughly one - two weeks pregnant just seems so impossible. Was the Depo just not settled in enough to prevent this? I mean if it takes more than one shot to build up proper protection I wish I could've been warned.

Thank you for the lovely compliment on my post! I do A LOT of writing in my spare time so that might seep into my posts a bit, hehe.
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I also had depo after my first was born. I hated it. I didn't get pregnant on it. I did gain 77lbs. And developed a nasty depression! After I stopped getting it, it took 8 mths to have a regular period! I have terrible luck with birth control. Got pregnant with my first on ortho tricyclin lo. You heard the paraguard story. And depo. I got good results with implanon. And now currently expecting #3 and we were using the vcf things lol.

Thinking back to getting my depo they did tell me to use back up for that first month. They always say that with new birth controls though!
You'd think they'd mention that. Have you done any googling on it?
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Like Treksy said I was also told to use a back up form of birth control with the depo but I was told for two weeks.
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Wow, well this is starting to make more sense to me now. My doctor (regretfully) never informed me about using a back up form of BC during the first stretch with the depo shot. That probably should've been an avenue I pursued just to be safe anyway, but I was clearly told that I was "A-okay" for sex after a day or two (barring any fever, chills, or excessive bleeding). I guess one loss accidentally led to another gain. I'm just amazed that yet another method of BC that's nearly fool proof fooled me! :)
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