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Spotting and passing clots during pregnancy

I posted on here a couple of months ago and am still having the same problem.  Right after I found out I was pregnant two months ago, I started passing bright red blood, but just spotting.  It rarely ever makes it to my underwear, but is there when I wipe.  I had two transvaginal ultrasounds at six weeks.  I have heard the baby's heartbeat twice since then (last time was yesterday) and I am now 14 1/2 weeks.  My doctor put me on pelvic rest back at six weeks and since I have been spotting every five or six days, my husband and I have chosen to keep me on pelvic rest.  I don't do anything overly strenuous, just light housework.  Today I was cleaning the kitchen (dishes, sweeping, mopping, dusting, etc.) and just a few minutes ago, I had some more spotting and there were two small clots (the blood is bright red).  My doctor says not to stress out over it too much unless I bleed so much that I have to wear a pad and actually change to a second one.  Has anyone else had this problem?  Any suggestions or comments?  This is my third pregnancy and I am 38.  My last child was born almost eight years ago and this one was unplanned.  I was taking Orthotricyclen when I got pregnant and took it daily up until I found out I was pregnant, basically at 5 1/2 weeks.
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Good on you and your husband on continueing the pelvic rest.  My doctor had me on modified bedrest and pelvic rest until I had no bleeding/spotting for an entire 30 days.

I started bleeding at five weeks. I bled every day, nonstop, with lots of clots until 13 weeks.  Well, I did have a break at 11 weeks for about a week and then I bled and passed clots again. At 13 weeks the bleeding finally stopped.  It was a relief and we had no answers.

My doctor was not as confident as your doctor and reminded me at every appointment and ultrasound that I would probably miscarry.  It was a very horrible first trimester.

So, I know all about the bleeding and passing of clots.  I do not however have experience with it during the second trimester.  I thought my doctor could have done a better job of not scaring me, as we knew the chance of miscarriage was high but didn't need to hear it over and over and over again.

It sounds like you may want a more involved doctor.  I don't know.  There is nothing you can do to stop the bleeding and that really stinks.  Be careful with the housework that you do.  I wasn't allowed to lift anything or do most housework.  Basically, I was told to not do anything and that is what I did.  

The birth control really shouldn't play a role in what is going on now.  It's true that you aren't supposed to take it while pregnant, but many women do (as you did -- didn't know they were pregnant at the time) and I've read a little about it and it appears that it doesn't cause any problems.

I hope the spotting stops soon.  It's scary and frustrating.

You should try to take it as easy as possible.  Good luck.
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Any time there is bright red blood, it is best to contact the doctor. Light spotting can be normal, but just call your doctor as soon as you can, just to find out what's wrong. Don't be startled, just make sure everything's okay.

Let us know how you make out. Good luck, sweetie!
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I had my doctor's appointment yesterday morning and about 3:30 yesterday is when I bled again.  I called the doc right then and that's when she told me about having enough blood to have to change to a second pad.  Another problem is that my breasts are really sore again, just like they were when I first found out I was pregnant.  They hurt so bad around and behind my nipples that they are physically sore to the touch and I can't stand any pressure on them.  I don't wear a bra at all when I am at home.  Usually my spotting just lasts one day, but I'm doing it again today.    I'm really worried, although I know there is nothing I can do to stop or prevent a miscarriage if it is going to happen.  

Back when I was 6 1/2 weeks pregnant, my doc already told me I had a 50% chance of carrying to term.  I didn't like hearing that either, but at least that is the only time I heard it.  I'll keep you guys posted.
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I think you are out of the woods.  I would change doctors if you don't feel you are getting the quality of care you desire.  I hope and pray you have a healthy baby.
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I am about 8 1/2 weeks along and started bleeding pretty heavy last week.  I went to the ER and was given an exam and an ultrasound, both of which showed good news.  My cervix was closed and the ultrasound showed the fetal pole, yolk sac, and heartbeat at 120 beats per minute.  I have been spotting brown blood since the ER trip but only when I wipe.  I have not had any spotting on my pads.  However, this morning after my bowel movement, I passed a blood clot abou the size of a quarter.  I have not called the doctor yet, as I'm scheduled for another ultrasound tomorrow and a prenatal visit.  The doctor currently has me on bed rest, which means I can't do anything but lie around.  It's getting old, but I just pray that everything is OK.  I went through my first round of INVITRO fertilization in June and this is my first pregnancy.  My husband and I have been trying to conceive for years.  We were so happy to have a positive pregnancy test and now I'm experiecing bleeding.
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I am 15 weeks and 2 days pregnant and I have been bleeding on and off since I was about 8 weeks pregnant. I have what they call a sub chorionic hemorage. I am not allowed to lift much of anything and this morning I passed my first blood clot. I am a worry wart so I was pretty worked up about it. I have been getting ultrasounds every 2 weeks since 8 weeks and I see my doctor weekly. I also have diabetes so I'm on 4 shots a day and it has been a real trip with this pregnancy. I lost my first one back in March due to miscarrage. It's been a real rollercoaster ride since then. The baby's handling the bleeding and the hemorage very well this time around though and I wish the best to you ladies with you difficulties! Hopefully we all get healthy babies! It's a tough road but it makes us stronger mothers!

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Thank you all for posting.  I am 5 weeks and scared to death.  I have been bleeding and have had minor pain.  They can only see a sac at this point and that in it's self scared me.  But I am 37 and not regular.  It is noce to know that others have experienced this... no matter what the outcome.  I am praying I have a healthy baby in 8 months.... I am knowing God has a plan.  

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i am 24 and have been ttc for 2 years. i had my period on aug 18 for 4 days and then 2 weeks later i started bleeding bright red heavily and cramping in my lower abdomen. It has been gradually getting lighter but i have passed 2 long blood clots already. I feel stretching and bloating in my belly and i have been so irritable lately. Could i be pregnant? I dont have insurance and need to know if anyone knows of a cheap doctor or clinic that i can go to in miami fl.
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I'm 17 weeks pregnant and have been bleeding from 6 weeks.  A lot of times when I stand blood rushes out as well as large clots.  I've been on bed rest this whole time  my doctor is concerned but also very confident that I will carry full term.  The baby is measuring as she should and is healthy.  My cervix is still closed.  I just wish I could get some answers to why I'm bleeding and if this is bad for not only my baby but me as well.
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I'm in the same boat: ( I'm 14 weeks with twins and have been bleeding a dark, almost brown blood since last week.  I've seen the Dr about 5 times since then and was told that its marginal placenta previa as well as a blood clot.  This past Tuesday it was bad- red and heavy which scared me, but was told that it was probably the clot passing.  I to am on pelvic rest and was told to take it easy.  Its not fun, but will do any and everything to keep these buns in the oven!  So far they are both doing very well.  I can only hope that it continues!!  Please keep me in your thoughs as I will all of you : )  Mel
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I'm going through the same thing right now.  I am eight weeks pregnant and I have been bleeding heavily for a week now.  Two days ago I started getting really bad cramps!  I am really scared.  I havent had an ultrasound yet so I am really stressed out!  I am also a nursing student so if I am put on best rest I wont be able to finish school.  I need to know whats happening.  Has anybody else got bad period like cramps??
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yes that happened to me and i had a mc at 8 wks.
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I hope that things are well with you - I'll keep you in my thoughts : )
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I am experiencing the exact same thing. My husband and I have been married for 5 years. 3 days before our anniversary we found out I was pregnant. I can't tell how happy I felt, but also the immense dread. For about 2 1/2 weeks it was all good and right at the end of my 4th week I started bleeding. It didn't get onto a pad at first, but then gradually started to come out. I have been bleeding for exactly 8 days now. I passed two very small clots today. I have NO idea what that even means. I had a vaginal ultra-sound last Tuesday and they found the sac but my doctor was concerned with the shape of it. This whole experience so far has been the most stressful, tear-filled time of my whole life. I have another ultra-sound scheduled for tommorrow.For everyone who is going through this I am so sorry and I hope that it will all work out.
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I started with right ovary pain 1 day after I found out was pregnant. Went in because I had an etopic pregnancy last year and feared it was going to happen again. I had an vaginal ultrasound and the sac was found in the uterus. The pain went away for a couple of days and comes and goes now, but I started bleeding. I have not been put on pelvic rest my doctor stated that about 10-15% of these cases end in a misscarriage. I started seeing small blood clots the size of a pencil eraser. I'm tired and at this point don't know what to expect. My doctor wants to see me in a week. I'm having very mild cramps of pulling not sure. My first pregnancy was a brezze.
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im also experiencing the very same problem .this is my first pregnancy i was experiencing menstruation the whole week two days experience  a big clots and i was cramping can someone answer me.coz my doctor said is natural.
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I'm six wks today. two days ago i started spotting with a mild crampy pain. went into the er and was told my cervix is closed and i just had to wait as it's too early to detect a heart beat. i could see the fetus in the sac. then yesterday i started bleeding (as in a period) i went to my obgyn and was told that even thou my cervix is still closed he thinks i'm miscarrying.i'm now on bed rest. last night the bleeding was so heavy and i passed a large greyish clot. i'm going back to the dr this afternoon but i'm praying for a miracle. does anyone know if i could still be pregnant after all that? i dont want to go in and be told to get a d&c if there is a slight chance.....worried
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there is no chance.my cervix is open and my uterus holds no trace of a pregnancy. "all gone" i was told. i don't need a d&c.
i cant seem to stop the tears
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keep your hope and prayers alive.  I went through invitro and received 3 positive pregnancy test. 1 week later, I bled heavy with small clots. When they couldn't find the sac, they thought ectopic. After 2 more visits of not finding a sac they assured me it was ectopic and planned on giving me an injection to terminate the pregnancy.  The day of the scheduled injection they found the sac !!!  3 days later I began to bleed extremely heavy and pass large quarter to half dollar size blood clots with 1 clear clot. The following day the bleeding stopped and a pregnancy test still confirmed pregnancy, even though they feared miscarriage.  My next test is in two days, after reading everyone elses comments, I'm confident that I will continue through this pregnancy.  I wish you all the best!!!  Stay positive and prayful!
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I am 35 yrs old and am about 7 weeks pregnant. I have a 13 year old and 15 year old. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for about 2 1/2 years. I had an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy that ruptured 2 years ago.During that surgery, the doctor found endometriosis. Which we have since then had removed. About 5 months ago we got a positive on a pregnancy test. I started cramping and spotting at 6 weeks, and by the 8th week we had lost the baby's heartbeat. I never actually miscarried. I had to have a D&C, was put on daily progesterone, and 3 months later we're pregnant again.
       The doctor has put me on prometrium again, to reduce the risk of miscarriage. It has progesterone in it and is inserted vaginally each night at bedtime. I inserted it last night at about 10pm, and when I pulled my hand back it was covered in bright red blood. I called my doctor immediately and was advised to go to the ER. Before leaving the house, I passed a large (size of a mouse, or half a twinkie) blood clot with tissue. Everything I've read has said to retrieve the tissue, so the lab could analyze it. So I did. My husband and I were certain I had miscarried. I bled enough in an hour to fill 3 pads. But at 4am, when the sonographer got there...there was still a fetus...with a heartbeat, in the uterus. It's a miracle!
         But, what now? Was that just stage one of the miscarriage? Was that a twin? Has anyone ever bled that badly and kept their baby to full term? How did you do it?
         The ER doctor said my hcg level was at about 55,000. I have another quantitative hcg @ the hospital tomorrow. My doctor has put me on bedrest until my follow up ultrasound/prenatal appointment in 5 days.
          Does anyone know what this could be? I'm a nervous wreck. I don't want to loose another baby. But, I'm baffled as to how it could have survived my ordeal last night.
Mel :)

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I am about 6 wks pregnant and have had very heavy bleeding for 3 days now, with clots.  I had my first ultrasound yesterday and was told that I am measuring about 5 wks.  The drs only saw the egg sack, and could not detect a heartbeat. My cervix is still closed, and my hormone level is on the lower end of the range but I was told that is ok.
Yet, I was told that in all likelihood I will miscarry in the next couple of days because of the bleeding.
This is my second pregnancy and I did not even have any spotting in the first pregnancy.  My poor daughter is turning 2 this week, and all I can do is walk around the house and cry. I am so scared.
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I went to the dr. this week to confirm I was pregnant, my doctor said I was measuring about 6 and 1/2 although b/c of the timing of when I got pregnant, I should have been 7 1/2 weeks.  I had a vaginal sonogram and they saw that the baby was in the right place and saw a very strong heartbeat.  A day and a half later I started spotting bleeding, the next evening my cramps intensified, back and abdominal. After that the bleeding intensified but it was only flowing out when I went to the bathroom. It wasn't filling up my underwear.  I had 2 clots that were only about as long as my finger and they were bloody. I've seen nothing that was grey or resembled tissue.  My doctor is telling me that more than likely everything is fine but I really don't feel like everything is fine, it seems odd that I would have blood flowing out of me and cramps but still have a baby that's ok. She said that this is very common and most women experience something like this.  This is my first pregnancy so am of course scared. Has anyone experienced anything similar and had a positive outcome?
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I did miscarry.  I was told that in all likelihood the fetus never developed, a blighted ovum.  The doctors will never know for sure since I was so early on (6 wks pregnant but measuring about 5 weeks).
I wish you all positive thoughts.

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