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What symptom is worse than you expected it to be?

What pregnancy symptom have you had that is way worse than you expected that it would be?

With my first- by far it was morning sickness!  I was under the impression that it was just in the morning and you would maybe throw up and be fine, but that is so not how it was!  It was all day long, 6-7 times a day of throwing up, and it lasted almost the whole pregnancy- totally took me by surprise.  
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Two side effects that threw me for a loop:  
1. itchy hands.  Had no idea about this.  It was miserable.  I would wake up and want to go outside and scrape my hands across the bricks on my house.  No joke.  My doctor said this is actually fairly common.  I would spread Cortaid on them and it helped a little.  But still, they itched.  As soon as I gave birth, it was completely gone.  Weird.

2. Oh my oh my, heart burn.  I've had heart burn before.  Everyone has.  But during my 8th and 9th month of pregnancy, I've never experienced anything like that.  I could hardly eat because my stomach was so compacted, I'd vomit if I ate more than a few bites.  And every tie I ate or drank, the burning.  It was unbelievable.  I would eat a small bowl of grapes every night because it had liquid in them and was also food.  That's all I could handle.  And I like to eat . . .  so that was a big deal.  But if I drank a glass of water like I wanted to?  I would never sleep due to the heart burn.  Tums were my best friend but they really didn't help all that much.  Good times.  
Oh the itching is a weird one!  I escaped that one, but it would drive me crazy!

Heartburn is the worse!  Sometimes the tums actually made me want to throw up- it was awful!
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Throwing up all the time it horrible!!!!!no appetite and heartburn burn like crazy!!! I lost 20 pounds from the vomiting I hate it but I’m finally starting to feel a little better at 19 weeks!!!
I'm glad to hear you are feeling better!  My nausea ended right at 12 weeks, thank goodness!  I told my husband it was like having an extended stomach virus during that first trimester.  It was rough.  But for me, and this is not to scare you, my heartburn came back in spades in the last two months of pregnancy.  That was the worst of it for me.  My suggestion is to drink early in the day and start taking small sips as the day goes on.  And stock up on tums.  Hopefully that doesn't happen to you but nausea came back for me and horrible heart burn at about month 8 which is common because everything including your stomach and gastrointestinal track gets squeezed.  And gosh, you lost 20 pounds?  Did they give you anti nausea medicine?  If you continue having nausea, I would ask about that!  Anyway, glad you are dong better and welcome to the forum!
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