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acid reflux remedies

I'm 37 weeks and have had horrible acid reflux this trimester. It's to the point I don't even have to eat or drink anything and I get it. Just breathing air I get it. I tried drinking milk, eating no less than 2 hours before bed, staying away from acidic stuff, sitting up right along with many other things which have done nothing to help. Now I'm desperate as it interferes with sleep and gives me headaches. Please help
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Did u speak with ur doctor? I had gaviscon syrup for heart burn its safe in pregnancy and was good for me try to speak woth ur doctor before try anything
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Im suffering the same… im 37wks and 2days… im glad you posted this as i was going too! I need help but i cant take gavison and all my doctors say is drink water :(
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I have a bunch of pretend doctors who are studying to be real doctors. Every time I tell them they tell me to stay away from acidic foods and drinks and to stay elevated which is no help. And no problem this problem has to be fixed
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I have the same problem to the point anything I eat will burn my throat, I drink mylanta and malox, it does give fast relief, but I do still wake up some times from it in pain even puked from it.
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Ugh. I went through that on my second pregnancy. I'm on my third now but I'm only 5 weeks along. I'm hoping I don't have that this time around. It was the worst!!!!!! It did stop immediately after giving birth though.
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Ugh, sorry to hear this.  I had horrible reflux with my pregnancies.  And for me, it is the whole pregnancy of that burning, churning awfulness.  I found this article that might help you--  it explains WHY it happens during pregnancy and gives ideas on how to combat it.  http://www.medhelp.org/pregnancy-health/articles/Heartburn-and-Acid-Reflux-During-Pregnancy-Your-Symptoms-Manual/2007  ;

Hope it resolves for you!!  
PS:  my doctor told me that lots of reflux means lots of hair on baby.  LOL  But for me it was true---  my son was born with a huge Mohawk hairdo!  So, maybe your baby is growing a thick head of hair in there.  :>))  Good luck
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Thank u ladies! And yes he has tons of hair the ultrasound tech loves taking pics of his hair. Its so long already
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