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anemia blood test and glucose test have to be on the same day?

I really need to be tested for anemia.  I didn't realize how bad I must have it till I realized all Ive been craving is iron rich foods and nothing is changing with my symptoms. I've gotten so exhausted, weak, dizzy, faint, even out of it at times like I can not focus i feel like Im on drugs or something. With that Being said I told my doc today I want to get anemic tested and she says I have to get the glucose test in the same day. I cannot do it separatly for some reason. Is this normal to you? They told me to come in tomorrow or this week but I cant cause of course our car is having problems and is in the shop and I cant get a ride till next week. Now Ive been anemic before, I remember what it feels like so can i just start Taking iron supplements now because my symptoms have gradually been getting worse and im worried cause I feel like crap, I need to get stuff done around the house, I cant just take it easy all the time. And right now I clean for 30mins and feel like Im going to pass out, when I turn my head the room spins a,little. What should I do about this?
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I've never heard of the tests having to be the same day. Anemia is a finger poke and takes 30 seconds. No prep required. Glucose is the chug the nasty sugar water and wait an hour for the draw. My iron is checked all the time. That's weird.
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Yea cause I begged the nurse to let me do it today and I explained to her the severity of the situation and she told me i could not get it done today, even though there was time, I explained that I do not have a car at the moment and that did nothing either. This is starting to **** me off. If I have to call tomorrow and demand a test I will, sick of trying not to make anybody mad with Being difficult. Im about to be difficult with no apology.
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Not sure if this helps or not but when I had my glucose test they added on a blood test called HbA1C...that measures the hemoglobin level just n your blood which essentially is an iron test....I have been very anemic throughout my pregnancy as well. The tests seem to go together....I think it has something to do with the absorbtion of the glucose...I think. I know it ***** but I do believe they go together...hang in there I know how you feel and ots a drag :-(
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Yea and what you said helps. I was wondering why she said they go together. Ug oh well Im going to have to suck this up. Ive got to get my husband or someone to help me out. I hate my house Being a,mess. I keep trying to catch up and clean it but I just feel like such crap and tire out so easily uggg
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