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Ok so I have  a small dog, she is a weenie dog mix. I've had her for 6 yrs and I have a five yr old daughter. I never had any problems with the dog. But ever since I found out I'm prego with # 2 she has been acting out.... Potting in the house, tearing up trash, eating my food if I sit out down to go to restroom ect... Has anyone else had there animals act like this while they were prego? Idk what to do with my dog I luv her very much but I don't need the added stress....... :(
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Can't help ya mama. We got our dog when my 3 yo was a few months old and my other daughter was 7. Our dog got/gets along with both of them from the beginning. And since I've been prego with girl #3, the only thing the dog does differently is just bark at me out of the blue for no reason. Like she has food and water and could've just been outside to do her business and I'll be sitting on the couch, and she'll sit there and bark. It's annoying lol.
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Shoot I would luv for her to only bark at me. I swear I think she has lost her mind. She is normally a great pet! :/
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I know what you mean it's like she can sense that she's not going to be the baby anymore she's acting out bug my son who will be 5 next month is handling it fine we've been putting her outside a lot more cause the Snell of dog pee and poop makes me hurl
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She might be missing the attention take her out for walks or outside to play or buy her a new toy
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I figured it was lack of attention at first but then I told my husband to give her lots of attention and I did as well. But now it's continued and I feel like doin nice stuff for her would be rewarding bad behavior. Ya know?
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I see what you are saying but we all need loving the most when we deserve it the least. This is her only way of asking for what she needs. She won't likely connect the attention with the behaviors unless it corresponds. Reward positive behavior only. The negative you deal with when it happens.
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We have five dogs.  Our alpha female definitely started acting bizarre when I hit second trimester. She stopped listening to my commands & only listened to my husband half the time. She actually jumped the fence & ran away to chase after cows in the pasture & our alpha male ran after her.  They came back with major injuries.  That behavior was totally unexpected from the two if them.  

Now they're both acting fine (all injuries have been treated & they're healed) but the boy follows me everywhere.  He always wants to be at my feet or keep me within sight.  

The other three are all girls.  They used to be the "bad" ones & since I hit third trimester they're all kinds of good & cuddly.  

They def know somethin is up... But their rxns differ.  For me, I didn't do anything different l, I just think at different parts of your pregnancy you give off different emotions/pheromones & they pick up on it.
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We had a 3 year old siberian husky and he did the same thing. We could let him outside formhours and he would just sit in front of the door, we played with him, took him on walks/runs. Literally 20 min after we would go to bed he would poop and pee in the house. He did it for a month straight until we just gave him to one of our friends. He went back to normal at her house and rhen she got pregnant and literally he tore everything up at their house.  
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