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anxiety and depression

Anyone having bad anxiety issues or depression issues .. I had them prior but they seem so bad right now I'm about to hit 12 weeks Monday .

Has anyone tried meds ...what's worked for u ?

Thanks for Ur time ladies
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Im a little over 13w and i have had so much anxiety thinking that something could go wrong and a lot of depression cause the dad cant grow up and it gets lonely doing this by myself. Music seems to help and talking to my sister who just went through her pregnancy. Anybody who supports you might help you work through it
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I have a history of bipolar disorder, have been doing will without meds for over 2 years now...with my last pregnancy I was good. But both my girls and this little girl I'm struggling with depression and anxiety. I work for a psychologist, who I talked to, and he said it could be the difference in hormones between boys and girls plus you add in my history of bipolar and post pardum after I delivered my daughters. I suggest therapy, ot helps a lot esp if you want to avoid meds. I am too worried about the side effects of meds to take them while preggo but I know others who have safely. I made sure to let my obgyn know at my last appt how I was feeling, your Dr's need to know so they can watch after delivery...once those hormones plummet things can be rough...and if you need meds then yiu can get them at the hospital to help if they know to keep an eye out. I totally feel ya though, I feel crappy and everything hurts all the time, I don't wanna go anywhere or do anything or really even talk to anyone. My fiance is great but have become anxious about our relationship (sadly my ex husband cheated while I was preggo with my first two) this is my second with my fiance but am terrified he's going to do the same thing...I know he's not and I know it's just fear on my end but still makes me crazy. Sorry for the long story but your not alone and it's not unusual...nev we be afraid to reach out to your doctor's though, they can be a huge help
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Thank u I am on my 2nd pregnancy my daughters about to be 4 I got bad post part depression after having her. I am on buspar right now started 4 weeks ago after Dr lectured me for not having taken it sooner when she first prescribed it but I was so scared of side effects too . I finally did but it's not helping right now I get so anxious and ill. Thank u for Ur feedback and sharing Ur story . Be strong as strong as we can be right .... I pray Ur relationship is strong and healthy and I'm sure u will have a better turn out this time . God bless u
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Thank u for sharing ..... awww this ***** and I feel for u too cus I wouldn't wish this on anyone. I'm going to try counseling and see what else I can do god willing we all pull through. I was very scared with my first daughter because I had lost 3 babies prior to that but this time that isn't a worry its the fear of going through the same post part I'm depression and anxiety I did 4 years ago that I think scares me to death .
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So sorry ladies that you are going thru this. I am not on meds but go to counseling for PTSD, OCD, anxiety and depression. Do either of you have dogs? I'm trying to get my Doberman certified as a service dog. She tends to ease My anxiety and depression. But husband is my rock and helps so much, never makes me feel bad for the way I feel and always helps and comforts me. Hope you ladies can find the same or a way to help cope with this awful feeling.
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