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breast feeding advise

I keep going back and fourth on breast feeding and was wondering if you ladies could help. This is my 3rd first two nothing came in for me to be able to breast feed. Now knowing i have it coming in cuz i am leaking i keep debating in my head breast or formula. I would really love to try breast feeding. I am nervous have no clue even how it works. I know the benefits of it just nothing else. Also do i pump also if so manual or electric, how do you store it etc. sry its long but really need alot of advise tips and suggestions right now i ave 4 weeks left till lil man is due and don't want to be on the fence when i start labor. TIA!
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I would say that if you have the milk coming in definitely give it a shot. So you can atleast say you tried and if it goes well you can decide whether to keep doing it or not. They say breastfeeding is best but you wont know if you like it or not if you dont give it a shot. And as far as how it works there us usually a lactation nurse at the hospital that can help you with all that. Congrats and I hope you are able to breast feed this lil one. Feel free to message me if you have any questions cause.
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Definitely give it a shot, especially if you're looking forward to it, which it sounds like you are. There will be someone to help you at the hospital. Most of the other things are all preference ie the manual or electric pump. If you're heading back to work and have schedule issues then an electric is definitely faster. Breastmilk freezes well and they make the little storage bags. I usually stock up the first few weeks after delivery because I have more milk than the baby can handle and pumping relieves the pressure. They'll give you lots of info at the hospital.
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If you pump go for electric. When storing milk they sale bags for breast milk at Walmart I'm the bottle section when freezing only freeze 2 to 3ozs at a time. Because breastfed babies only eat 2 to 3ozs after a few weeks and further on in life. You can save the milk in the fridge in those same bags for 5-8 days and never shake the bag just stir the separated milk back together. When pumping If you plan to straight pump you will need to pump every 2 hours during the day and every 3 at night to keep you with babies need. And to keep good production.

If your planning to straight breastfeed: latch baby as soon as born to help establish a good nursing relationship. When latching make sure baby latches onto the dark areola part of your nipple and not just your nipple. Check out YouTube for videos on hand expressing and latching baby both will teach where baby's mouth needs to be. Also check out different holds. Ask for a lactation consultant to help you as soon as possible. Trust me a lactation consultant can be a life saver and teach you so much. While feeding baby just let the baby nurse in it's diaper so that you can have skin to skin contact and for some reason it helps them to stay awake and for extra stimulation rub the baby's feet or back this also helps baby to stay awake while nursing. Your baby will go through many growth spurts during the first 2 to 3 months and want to nurse a lot. Let baby nurse as often as it wants and as long as long as it wants to ensure good production. Please don't be alarmed when your breast soften and it feels like there is no milk. There is what has happened is your milk ducts have regulated and are not over producing and making unnecessary amounts of milk. The greatest advice never doubt your body it knows what it's doing. If you ever do think your not making enough milk do the diaper check 5 or more wet diapers tells you that baby is getting enough.

For bottle feeding the breastfed baby check out kellymom website and YouTube for information. A breastfed baby only needs 24 to 25ozs a day.

Lanolin stock up it's great for the first few months it helps your nipples not to dry and crack. Use it before and after nursing it is natural and safe for baby. DO NOT wash your nipples with soap it will dry your nipples out. You only need to wash them once a day when you take a shower with water only. Your milk has a natural cleaning and antibacterial agent to help keep your nipples and breast clean. Also after feedings hand express some milk and rub it in it helps your nipples. Also check out the healing powers of breast milk you will be amazed!  It cures pink eye and much more!

Just be patient and determined and you will do great. And you can save all the money you would have spent on formula and go on a vacation. 4000 to 6000  

If you decide to and ever have any questions message me I'll be glad to answer and give you links. Good luck and congratulations!
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I definitely think it is worth a shot. I was unsuccessful nursing my first two children. With my third I was determined to make it work. I took a breast feeding class at the hospital ( hubby went too), we learned so much. The best thing I learned in that class were that the first 8 weeks are the hardest. The instructor said if you commit to 8 weeks...by the end your body and your baby will be in sync. She was totally right. I committed to 8 weeks, and I am not going to lie it was really hard. But, after that it was smooth sailing and I nursed our baby boy until he was 1. Now we are expecting baby number 4....and I plan on breastfeeding. FYI there were women in my class that were due in two weeks..so its not too late. There were women in there that had problems with production and the instructor was giving them some tips. Some hospitals have breastfeeding groups that meet a couple times a week
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Sorry about that! I hit post on accident. Anyway my instructor held the meetings that are free and gave individualized help when needed. It is really helpful in beginning. I hope your hospital offers something like that, and if they do take advantage. Good luck!
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Colostrum doesn't determine your level of milk supply. I would say if you do try to breastfeed go for it and sick to your guns. I had my baby#2 three weeks ago. Never had any leaking during pregnancy. I was worried that my milk wasn't going to come in but it finally came in 4days after having baby and when it did it still came in very slowly. Little by little. I was worried baby wasn't getting enough to eat but I worked cally with my lactation consultant from the hospital (who was more than willing to help even after I was discharged). I would say if you want to breastfeed have baby nurse OFTEN even if you don't seem to be producing anything! Work with your lactation consultant, get a good pump and stay determined. Breastfeeding a child is VERY demanding but extremely rewarding. It's SO easy to give up because your nipples are so sore, you think you're not producing enough milk or whatever but of you stick to it before you know it you and baby will settle into a routine and it will get easier and easier. Good luck mama and don't be afraid to ask for help our advice from those who've been there! :)
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