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I am totally against breastfeeding. I wasn't breast fed and I came out perfectly fine. Is it really that big of a deal? I thought about pumping but I hear thays time consuming and very painful.
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I wasn't breastfed either. ..no one in my family was. ..
We're all fine :)
I had my daughter 3 months ago and she's on enfamil prosobee.
Breast milk just has extra antibodies for the baby but it's not life or death. My daughter is perfectly healthy. Someone else's baby isn't going to be smarter or better than a child that isn't breastfed.  
I'm not against it..i just hate women who shove it down others throats.  Beat down on the moms who do crap while their kids are around or while they're
when you formula feed, you're still providing food. That's what's important.
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Breastfeeding truly is what's best for baby...but that doesn't necessarily mean that's what is best for you. As long as baby is happy, fed, healthy...then that is all that matters.
But a little FYI...breastfeeding helps reduce the risk in breast cancer for you and your baby...
But that is a personal choice and don't let anyone down talk or make you feel bad in any way for the choice you make for what is best for you and your baby
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I didnt want to breastfeed either when I had my first ones, I was against it I was scared of it that it would hurt, that I wouldnt look or feel the same afterwards cause for most women this is a hot spot, so I pumped instead with the first. Didnt get that much pumping. With the last one I had I breastfeed untill she was almost 13 months old, besides the cost being greatly cheaper, it also gave me a special bond with her. Yes sometimes its a pain cause yoy cant just make a bottle and curl up and go back to sleep. But the rewards for you and baby are greater than you migjt realize. My others that were not breastfed got sick really easy where the one I jave breastfed, has hardly been sick even with a cold and she is two almost three now. Kncock on wood. Best thing to do is go with what you are comfortable with, cause only you can decide what is right for you and your baby no one else. Just jave to stuck with your decision and if you do decide to breastfed, there is plenty of help available
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What makes you against breast feeding? You might not be interested in it, but what reasoning would you have against it? No one says that non breast fed babies have anything wrong with them, but breast feeding still has many many benefits. The huge one is simply the money you save verses burying formula. That's on top of the health benefits for you and the baby. Everyone has a different experience, so I would not assume it's painful for everyone.
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I chose not to breastfed because I'm getting surgery in a week. I'm going to be on rough pain pills and going to physical therapy for 2 months.  Can't really breastfeed.  It was my decision not to...Just like it's your decision whether you do or not.
Ignore what people say.. you may get comments from some mom's who despise formula,  but who cares. It's your baby. ..not theirs.
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Breast milk has so many benefits. I didnt with my first and i wish i had. My second son was breast fed and he doesnt get sick as often as my first, he doesnt really catch what his brother gets. I guess if you like dishing out money on formula, or maybe you get it all free and dont care how much it costs. Its all how you feel about it but i dont know how you can be against it.
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My nipples are sensitive. When my bf ***** sexually it just doesn't feel that good..and ever since I got pregnant I don't want him touching these bad boys period cuz they are even more sensitive. Plus I had surgery on my breast right before I got pregnant. And breast feeding you can possibly get mastitis which was similar to what I had. I wouldn't want to go thru that again!
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My suggestion to you would just be to research formulas & choose hours based on ingredients, not advertising or hype. My friend has been stock piling Similac formula since she found out she was pregnant & just happened to read the label one day only to discover that the first ingredient is corn syrup. She no longer wants to feed that brand to her baby. She found that The Gerber brand seems to he the best, nutritionally.
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Is not about if your healthy and everyone is healthy if not breastfed!!,is about,have healthier bbys,saving money,and having a great experince with your bby..but i understand that in some cases is really painful i nevr breastfed cuz it waz too painful for me but that doesnt mean am against it ,is mot like your talking about harming any body,and i do think it waz selfish of my side to mot keep trying..but hopefully i will give it my all to the lil one thats on my belly!=)
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I second MommaMacMurty.. A lot of babies do well with the Gerber good start formulas,  and tend to have less reflux issues. I will be breast and formula deeding and will be using Gerber good start for supplementing.
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Just read your last comment and i think your should started with that!
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I personally don't see anything wrong with breastfeeding or formula feeding! From my experience formula is just as good! I have rheumatoid arthritis so I wasn't able to breastfeed my 2 oldest cuz I had to get back on meds right after having them and my kids don't get sick like my friend and sister's kids do I can count on one hand how many times they have been sick and they are 6/7 and they are very smart so when I see ppl say oh breastfed babies are smarter and healthier is a bunch of bull! But with this baby I do plan to breastfeed cuz I'd like to experience it since all my sister's and mom have breastfed their kids and my arthritis is doing pretty good this pregnancy plus this is my last baby so I'd like to ay least say I tried it. :) But don't let anyone tell you your a bad mom or knock you for not breastfeeding your baby your body your choice! Good luck mama!
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I absolutely loved breastfeeding :-) I had skin to skin time, it was free, and it provided extra benefits for my l.o. that couldn't b found in formula. My boyfriend and I got sick, and because of the antibodies from the milk, baby didn't get sick. Formula is awesome too cuz it was way more convenient on the go haha
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Its your choice and as long as baby gets fed its not a big deal. Tho I would do sone research breast milk is much healthier and b etter. Not everyone is able to. I plan on it but if I cant than obviously formula is the only option. The hospital will encourage you to atleast give your baby colostrum to boost the immune system and give your baby those antibodies. it really is so much better wic office encourages it but no one can or should force you either way. Your choice and like I said as long as baby get fed. Goodluck
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I'm not breastfeeding eather and my nipples r just fine and I don't mind when the hubby does his thing but I feel like there for sexual things not for a baby I tried with my first she latched on for a second I jumped got freaked out and pumped for her after that until she showed signs of her protein allergies! I'm planning on drying up as soon as i can for this baby and moving on! This will be my last and I'm not worried! Good luck and many women don't do it now a days and gives us a chance to feel like us again and allow others to help feed the baby!
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