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c section or natural birth?

Hey guys. So for my first child I was in labor for 27hrs and was split from one hole to the other. 3rd degree stitches and bad blood clots. I'm looking for opinions on if I should schedule a c-section or have a natural birth?. What is the recovery period for c-section?. Anyone been in the same situation or similar to mine?. Thank you very much ladies. I have no family here and I feel like you guys are the only people I can talk to sometimes :)
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Holy crap, that sounds awful. My best friend had two csection and tells me to go natural. But man, I don't know if she would say that after reafing your experience. :/ She did end up with her incision not healing and ending up being infected though, for her second child. She ended up on antibiotics but wanted to continue breastfeeding when she was off of them, so would pump diligently to keep her milk coming but would have to throw it out. It was an ordeal in many ways, but she came through.
I havent had any children prior to this one in September, but wanted to share what I knew of her experience.
I wish you all the best though in your next delivery.
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Recovery with a section can be anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. You will need more assistance getting up from a sitting or laying position for the first (about) week or two. You will have a few more restrictions due to being cut open than a natural. My sil said she was in pain longer after her section than her natural delivery. Just keep an open mind and remember just like every pregnancy is different so is every labor and delivery! Good luck!
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Thank you ladies!, I appreciate it :)
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I had an emergency section 2 weeks ago and was back on my feet 5 hours after surgery (showered, dressed and walking myself). Getting up from laying or standing was difficult for the first few days but I learned quickly to use my arms to pull myself up rather than automatically using my abdominal muscles. It's now been 2 weeks and my incision is fully healed and pain free but still can't lift anything heavier than baby for another 4 weeks. I've had a very easy and fast recovery which I've been lucky with but there are ladies that take much longer to recover especially if there have been complications
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I had an emergency section 10w ago after complications during labour.    My son came at 529am, I wasn;t allowed up out of bed til 1030am next day, had the catheter in all that time.    The first time you get up you are supposed to have a nurse there in case you feel dizzy and weak from being in bed so long, plus the after effects of the epidural.   Moving those first few days is excruciatingly painful, far far far worse than contractions.    You are supposed to draw your knees up and drop them and use your arms +++ to push yourself up into a sit, but the whole time your tummy hurts - your ab muscles get ued so much more than you realise til they're cut open :o    You can't lift anything heavier than your baby for at least 6 weeks.    You need to take your pain meds at their recommended times even if you don't feel pain cause if you don't atake them you will know about it, trust me.   You also need to make sure your wound is kept clean and dry and let it air out.    I got an infection in mine as I had about 1/2 inch section which wouldn't close up.    You can't wear anything tight across your tummy as it hurts your incision - granny pants and either leggings or your maternity trousers are the way forward.    It's roughly a 6-8w recovery period for a section, or 12w if you wanna exercise.    You'll have 9 layers of stitches so that;s a lot of healing to do and you will need a lot of help, especially that first week or so x
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Oh ok. Thank you again. I didn't realize that the recovery was that intense. I am very glad that people are being honest with me as my first child they were not.
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Hi I had pretty much the same thing happen to me. I was three days overdue with my son and also had third degree tears and severe bleeding afterwards with transfusions for a couple days. He was 9lbs5oz and of course I have children with large heads. :) I was in the hospital for four days and recovery was about three weeks because of the mess of a bottom I had- couldn't sit down without a lot of pain and it was horrible to go to the bathroom. With my second I was given the option of a c-section. I considered it, beside my friends that have had them had wonderful experiences! They were all up and walking around within a few hours after surgery.  I ended up choosing not to, and my Dr decided to start stripping my membranes a little early so I wouldn't be overdue and have to deliver a large baby again with complications. I went into labor at 37 weeks with my daughter and I went slower with pushing and my Dr applied counterpressure to try to prevent so much tearing. I ended up tearing anyway towards the front but it was nowhere near my first. There was concern that I tore my urethra so I had to be cathed to check which ***** but it was okay, and no bleeding issues! She came out with her one arm up and was 7lbs12oz 3 weeks early!! :) So, I guess the point of my story is that every delivery is different! It's a difficult decision to make, and neither way is easy!! So... I wish you the best!! Let us know what you decide!!
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There are so many factors that youll have to take into account for yourself personally. If you tearing is you're only fear, I'd say you still attempt natural and if God forbid you are stuck with another 20+ hour labor, at least you are open to the c-section. Even with perfect cs you have a long recovery to be whole again. Natural gives you the best opportunity to recover faster. I tore something awful with my first as well, 3rd degree. Took a lot of stitching and weeks on a donut or boppy pillow. Hubby said it looked like roast beef - ewww. But I had 3 more after and have never torn or been cut again. I guess what im saying is personally, I would feel more comfortable trying going natural than knowing I'd have to be cut. But just like the other girls mentioned too, you have to weigh in all of your own particulars and do what you think.
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With my first baby (in October 2006), I thought I was just going to have a natural birth (except I had the epidural).  14 hours into labor the nurse checked to see how far dilated I was and they couldn't get their fingers up far enough to check.  My cervix had become really swollen.  Also, my son wasn't progressing throught labor and his heart rate went down every time I had a contraction (indicating to the doctor that his cord was wrapped around his neck).  

I ended up having an emergency c-section......which actually made me more happy than nervous because I was scared to death of delivery (both my sisters had very difficult deliveries before.....one them lost a lot of blood)
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Dang it......I accidentally posted that before I was done....sorry lol.

It's true that c-section healing takes about 6 to 8 weeks. Myself, I would rather have another c-section any day....but then again, that's the only delivery experience I have had.  My daughter, born April 2011, I had a planned c-section since I didn't want to chance having the same stuff happening.  And with the one I'm pregnant with now (due February 2014), I'm doing another c-section for the same reason.

In a way, I wish I could have had a natural delivery so I could experience that, too.  But to me, it doesn't matter how the baby comes out.....it only matters that they get out. :)
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Thank you all. I'll for sure weigh all my options :)
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