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c section

Hiya chickas. Wondering who has experience of asking their midwife or ob/gyn for a c section? Despite having no problems or med problems so far is this allowed? to ask for an elective csection? Or do midwifes laugh at u for even contemplating?
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Ask, i doubt they will laugh.  I am going in for a c section as my first was delivered by emergency c section.  Keep in mind that it is major surgery and is by no means easier, plus it could jeapordize future pregnancies and deliveries. Its up to you what you want but if I had the chance to try natural labor again without having NEW risks associated with the first cesarean i would go natural in a heart beat
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I doubt ur midwife would laugh. I doybt she will just let you opt for a section though. Delivery by the downtown door is better for you & baby unless an emergency. They have heard it all. I remember saying I cant do this. At the end of me pushing, I got so weak & tired,  I tried to give up on my vbac. I truly didnt think she was gonna come out that door. Other drs always told me I couldnt do it, but my midwife never gave up on me. It was very rewarding. They kept asking if I was ok after I had her & all I could do is smile & say I didnt have a csection, im great! Recovery was sooo much better! I could walk without feelung like my insides were gonna fall out. Nurse my baby frim the begining. There is just so much! I wish all the luck!
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I will be having my 3rd csection in January and wish I could do natural but it's not possible for me, I'm 4'11" and have too narrow of a pelvis. After you have a csection if you have to have more it comes with more and more risk, damage to your bladder, bowel, other organs becoming entangled in scar tissue. My doctor advised me not to have anymore children after this one bc I also have massive scar tissue discovered during my second csection. The recovery is different for everyone but you're exhausted from the surgery and in pain so not as alert as you would be. For me the first couple weeks are a blur and I don't remember much. Honestly I would just have you do your research on both, if it's fear of labor that makes you want a csection. I was in labor with my 1st (at age 17) for 33 hours and it's not as bad as movies and tv shows make it out to be.
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Thanks for ur comments. I am not wanting a csection because it seems like the easy option. My mother had a massive stroke during labour and was left very disabled and with epilepsy.her life has never been the same since. She was 19!  Although they say that might not happen yo me I definitely dont want to take that chance. I have the excat same body shape as my mother who struggled to get her baby out due to her pelvis size. My midwife keeps saying it probably wont happen to you!! Dont worry how can I not worry about that??
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I understand your concern but have you looked at how much can go wrong during and after a csection? It is major surgery. Unfortunately we can't control everything. You're taking a chance either way.  Pregnancy takes a toll on the body and that's a chance we take to have children. I would do a little more research before assuming csection is a better option.  Best of luck to ya!
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