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A lot of ppl been saying it's not good to have cats around New born babies..should I be worried about my cat around the baby or is the baby gone be ok
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The baby should be fine. "Cats won't care as long as you still love them too."
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They say something about the cat will take the baby breath away..idk how true that is but I was just wondering
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Some cats might see the cot and think it's a good place to curl up to sleep. If they curl up on the baby, he won't be able to push the cat aside, so it could accidentally suffocate him. Also some young children develop allergies to pets. If you can keep the cat off of the baby, it should be fine.
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Cats carry two big risks Toxoplasmosis & Lyme Disease from ticks. They say you should never empty kitty litter tray when you are pregnant. I think it's a good idea to keep little babies away from all animals until they build up their imune systems.

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My doctor told me to ignore people telling me to get rid of my cat. He said studies suggests that kids that grow up in farms around animals etc are healthiest, developing strong immune systems. That said, Im going to monitor my cat at all times and not let her be in the nursery or room when baby is napping and so am I. My cat hasnt tried jumping in the crib so Im relieved about that too.
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Cats are just fine!  Don't let people scare you!!
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Exacttly don't let ppl scare u. Ur animais will sense a new human and be curious at first
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I've never had a problem with infants and cats. The thing about them stealing the baby's breath is a myth. Some cats may accidently suffocate the baby trying to lick milk out of its mouth but most don't care enough to try. If you get worried about it just rinse your baby's mouth with water and that'll solve that problem. My cats slept with all my siblings as infants. Just make sure your kitty is up to date on all its shots and is on regular flea/tick medication.
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I have heard the wise tale that they will steal the baby breath. I dont put much truth in it. I do know that the real medical concerns is when the litter while pregnant
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If you're used to being around cats it's supposed to he ok. But you are supposed to avoid litter trays and poop scooping etc.
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There have been back and forth studies about allergies and pets, specifically cats.  Dogs have been believed to lower the chance of allergies where as until recently cats were suppose to increase it.  Now it is believed that both cats and dogs are good for baby on the allergy front.  I wouldnt worry.  Just train your cat to be careful with baby and it will be fine :-)
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