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..cervix update!!! ❤

so for those keeping up with me & "baby A" -- we had a visit with a specialist today regarding my cervix.
my OB thought maybe it was a little short at my 1st visit with her, so I went to get a second opinion via her request.

WELL, the specialist says that my cervix is 4cm which is perfectly normal!!! he says my OB can keep an eye on it, and if she ever feels that it's gotten shorter, I can always go back for another look, but for now.. everything is perfect!!

I've also attached a picture & uploaded it to my profile -- "baby A" was active today, and he/she had their hands at their head!! we could clearly see the jaw bone, ribs, and spine today!!!! sooo amazing to see this miracle grow before our very own eyes.. I'm so blessed to be a mommy! best feeling ever. oh, and no hint on the gender.. I asked before she started & she said it may be hard to tell, but if she could see she would tell me.. she didn't mention it, so I didn't push it.
hopefully we'll find out at our next OB appt. on the 22nd.. I'll be 17w6d then!!

once again, I can't thank all of you wonderful ladies for praying for us!!! this is all so new, unreal, amazing, plus SO many other things all at once.. your thoughts, prayers, well wishes, etc. mean everything to us!!!
keep praying for us.. prayer never gets old!!! love & hugs to all of you!!! (((: ❤

oh, p.s. otw to the appointment this morning, my daily Bible verse was:
"And the work of righteousness shall be PEACE; and the effect of righteousness QUIETNESS and ASSURANCE for ever. Isaiah 32:17 KJV" --- God knew I needed peace, and He provided assurance through this verse.. Amen!!! ❤
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Great news & Amen!
7721203 tn?1468443229
7721203 tn?1468443229
yes, very good news! thank God! (((:
7721203 tn?1468443229
I think all of my mommy friends are sleeping.. lol!! ((:
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Glad all its well!
How did you know was sleeping this afternoon?
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Amen!!! And you're so lucky that ur baby let them see everything, mine was moving so bad, that I went yesterday and today for the nicu
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Congrats mama.... I'm going to get on you next time, lol. But I'm very happy for you and your family. :)))
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@elvendork: mother's intuition.. it's a powerful thing these days! plus, I'd be asleep if I wasn't so excited.. and hungry! lol!!

@ross1112: I was SO excited that the baby was moving this time!! he/she was obviously sleeping at my last OB visit.. so it was awesome! watch him/her be asleep at the next OB visit & I won't be able to find out the gender!! lol

@Candy_T: lol!!! I know, I know.. tisk, tisk on me! haha - & thank you again!! OH, saw your food post.. I had Chick-Fil-A today - it was wonderful!! my recent heartburn made me turn away from the Taco Bell calling my name! lol!!
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Aww that's great news!  Glad to hear! :)
7721203 tn?1468443229
thank youuuu! one less worry.. so excited!!! (((:
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Yay! That's great news :)
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So glad to hear you got good news today October! I cant wait to go to my next appointment.  I get another ultrasound. ..I keep saying prays for you and Baby A.
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That is so wonderful and thank you Jesus! Amen to your Bible verse!! Stay positive and keep the faith. Good luck and best wishes!
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Congratulations I'm glad you got good news!
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That's great news! glad things are looking up. Hopefully it's smooth sailing from here! Thanks for sharing a great verse too!
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Congrats! I'm hoping for equally good news at my appt next Tuesday. :) Maybe it's a good week for good cervix news.
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That is great news. The power of prayer works! Happy for you!
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Yay!!! Im soo happy for you and baby that this particular worry is over!!! And I wish I was sleeping!! I was working :(  cant wait til maternity leave- 2-3 more weeks (waiting until baby is born so I can take all my time with her)
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That's great! !!!!!
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Great news!!! Congrats!!!
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Yay!! So happy to hear
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Yay awesome news! See second opinions are not always a bad thing, always better safe than sorry :)
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@mommytobe: thank youuu!

@mykids4dars: you don't know how much prayers mean to us!!! "Baby A" thanks you as well!!!! (((:

@loveontop: it made me SOO happy to read that otw there! amazing!! ((:

@dragondance: thank you! so good to hear good news for once!!

@KristenC: thank you! & you're very welcome, that verse helped me A LOT!!
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@bebe5709: I'll be praying for you!!! they have to check your cervix???

@standfuss: yes, prayer works.. so blessed & happy!!! thank you!

@mckaylasmomma: thank youuuu!!!! awe, I wish you were sleeping then too!! lol luckily your break is coming soon.. well, a small break before the baby comes I guess haha

@rebeccaann: yes ma'am! such a relief!!

@smcdsmcd: thank youuuu!

@coachsymons: thank you, made me beyond happy! (((:

@sprmom87: very true!!! I'm so thankful that she saw it fit to get a second opinion, I feel so at peace now!!! (((: thank you!
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